SWTOR C2-N2 Quest: Inflicting Comfort Mission on Odessen

SWTOR C2-N2 Quest - Inflicting Comfort - KotFE Companion Mission on OdessenThe C2-N2 Quest, Inflicting Comfort is a nice relaxing way to start your time on Odessen. You’ve just arrived after facing Arcann… twice. But the overjoyed protocol droid just cannot wait to welcome you to your Alliance HQ, and make everyone’s stay perfect. It is a very quick Alliance Recruitment mission. However, if you get this wrong on your first try, you have to go back to the cantina to speak with C2-N2 and fix the bits you’ve got wrong. Then go back into your Alliance Base to speak with the disgruntled NPCs. So here’s me helping you get this quest right the first time and save you from a proverbial (if not literal) headache!

Landing at Odessen

When you finally slog through the second duel with Arcann in Chapter 8 of SWTOR’s Knights of the Fallen Empire, you land at the temporary oasis of Odessen. It’s not a full planet in the sense of other planets you visit in SWTOR (though you do go into the Odessen Wilds during Visions in the Dark). It is your new Alliance Base with the aim of building up your Alliance specialisms: Science/Research, Underworld Information, Miliary and the Force Enclave.

At Odessen cantina you are introduced to the two ship droids, one of which is the Republic ship droid companion C2-N2.

C2-N2’s Mission

C2-N2 (or C2N2 as I’ve seen others type it), probably the most up-beat droid in the galaxy, wants desperately to make everyone in your Alliance as comfortable as possible – introducing his Inflicting Comfort mission.

It is worth doing this mission because you get rewards that increase your Influence with the KotFE Alliance Specialists, which is a hard enough slog anyway!

He has a proposal – four different changes to your base to make people more comfortable:

  1. Padded cushions
  2. Portable, non-perishable meals
  3. Alderaanian Nectar to diffuse into the air
  4. Food processor control chips

Inflicting Comfort – the Solution Guide

First – I don’t know if there is a second solution to this mission – it is possible. However, the combination I got to work for me was:

  • Padded Cushions – The Force Enclave (They increase comfort, aiding concentration)
  • Portable, non-perishable meals – Underworld Intelligence (they can be carried anywhere on a smuggling run)
  • Alderaanian Nectar – Science Division (‘inspiring the mind by inspiring the senses’)
  • Food Processor Control Chips – Military (highly nutritious and healthy)

I hope this helps you not have to repeat the mission. You have to do a mad dash across all the divisions to get their reactions, so it does take a wee time commitment. But, as I said, you get mission rewards that improve all divisions. Pleasing C2-N2 also gives you credits and crystals. And we all need more of those!

The C2-N2 Quest is Repeatable

But you’ll be glad to know you don’t have to repeat the guessing game with the droid. Instead you can just give him crafting materials and he’ll go on his merry way to inflict comfort and joy everywhere he goes. (Click/Tap the image below for a full-sized version).

If you want to do it the quick way then you’ll need:

  • 4 × Adaptive Circuitry (Level 8 Sliced Component)
  • 8 × Farium (Level 8 Scavenged Metal)
  • 8 × Molytex (Level 8 Scavenged Compounds
  • 8 × Metamorphic Cell Culture (Level 8 Biochem Scavenging – the name escapes me!)
  • 8 × Anodyne Extract
  • 6 × Biocell Memory Cores (also slicing)
  • 8 × Ruussen Crystals

To be honest though, for +500 Influence with all departments, it’s easier to just go do some Alliance Crate Heroics!

TL;DR C2-N2’s Inflicting Comfort Quest is Easy!

Hopefully this brief overview guide of C2-N2’s quest, mission, thing, has been helpful. It’s a nice wind-down after the chaos of surviving the first few chapters of Knights of the Fallen Empire. Of course it’s another crew member you may want to improve companion influence for but hey, it’s a quick mission!

So take the chance to rest before Anarchy in Paradise. Maybe force yourself to be comfortable too!

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    But then again, it’d be better to watch Scorpio and Vaylin run from the Droid trying to be helpful and all with the right words spoken

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