KotET: What We Know About Knights of the Eternal Throne

SWTOR KotET: What we know about Knights of the Eternal ThroneIt’s been a while since I wrote about my hopes for Knights of the Eternal Throne – KotET. Now that New York Comicon has been and gone we can summarise what we know. And thank you to various people on Twitter who helped me with questions I had. Being this side of The Pond, and working on Friday I couldn’t stay on point during the event.

When Does KotET Launch?

The latest SWTOR Expansion rolls out on December 2nd for everyone, with Subscribers (now known as Premium Members) getting 3 days Early Access from 29th November.

The 9 Chapters of KotET

According to folk on Twitter who listened into the event, the 9 Chapters of Knights of the Eternal Throne are being released as one expansion pack. Apparently people prefer binge-watching to episodal instalments. As there is a new ‘end game’ set-up (see below) this makes sense so that people can begin to play that content sooner rather than later. Here are the upcoming chapter names – thanks to @JellyQueeney for linking this graphic!

9 Chapters of KotET: The next expansion of SWTOR's Fallen Empire Story

Chapters in 3 Modes

Why they didn’t bring this in with KotFE I don’t know! As chapters mostly work like Flashpoints, making them groupable would have worked. It may also have made them more enjoyable for me – as GEMINI Deception and Battle of Odessen are literally painful to play. But on a positive note, they are doing this now. Playable Chapters in: Story, Veteran or Master Mode. This echoes Story, Hard and Nightmare mode for Flashpoints/Operations.

Consequences, Consequences, Consequences?

When KotFE was originally launched we were promised real consequences to decisions. Many have felt that did not materialise. However, on the KotET Landing Page, we are told that Decisions taken drive the galaxy closer to the light or dark side of the Force. A bit odd given the emphasis in KotFE was on balance in the Force. But there we have it – your decisions could make your galaxy look different to other players’ galaxies.

Galactic Command

Seemingly combining role-playing and strategy, we will have access to a Galactic Command interface. As the new ruler of an Empire, you will have to fight “Uprisings”. (Think Separatist Forces or the Rebellion from the original Star Wars Triology). BioWare call this an “ongoing” feature, which suggests repeatable content – and possibly grouped-repeatable content as well. I can’t find many more details on this, but I will update this post as I discover more. Or when others point things out to me!

Other Snippets About This Expansion

KotET Premium / Subscriber Rewards
  • Shae Vizla Companion: Fight alongside Mandalore the Avenger. Available to Subscribers/Premium Members.
  • New Level Cap: the top level will be raised to L70. Although with Level Sync, any characters you create are likely to be L70 well before KotET!
  • Crafting Levels: According to Data Mined Information, there is a new level of crafting to accommodate the new Level 66-70. If the 208-224 levels are anything to go by there is likely to be a new set of gathering nodes, probably only available on the new planet(s) and in KotET Chapters. But we’ll see. There will also be new level of Augments. This is overdue as non-Operations Augments never exceeded 208 even though crafting 212s is viable without reverse engineering Operations drops.
  • Free Walker Mount: if you’re a subscriber on 27th November, you will receive a Rapid Recon Walker.
  • 1 Free L65 Character: when KotFE launched they gave us one free L60 character per account. To encourage uptake of KotET, they’re doing the same again, but with L65. Should you play Knights of the Eternal Throne without KotFE? That’s your choice!
  • Nathema Gear: Already in the Cartel Market (of course) is a new Nathema set. This described “Valkorion’s Most Elite Guards”. According to other data mined info (which is always subject to change until PTS rolls out to Live, Nathema is one of the new locations for KotET along with Iokath.
Nathema - New Location/Planet for KotET
Nathema Image c/o TOR Community

The New Galactic Command Interface

This is now a ‘known factor’ since a recent stream. So I don’t duplicate what others have said, please see Xam Xam’s post in the links section below.

What We Don’t Know (Yet)

  • When/If Old Companions Return: one chapter makes note of an ‘old ally’. But there are a lot of non-returned companions. I suspect these may be obtainable using Alliance Alerts, or maybe even during Uprisings.

KotET Cinematic Trailer

Blur Studios (who produced this according to comments on YouTube) are very good at putting these cinematic trailers together. Here’s the Knights of the Eternal Throne Cinematic Trailer for your enjoyment!

TL;DR Knights of the Eternal Throne – Much to Look Forward To!

As this expansion from SWTOR is not being released monthly I will write about the chapters as/when my pain management allows. There are a lot of changes coming in December. I am looking forward to the non-chapter content – e.g. Uprisings and Galactic Command. I only hope companions are writen back in somehow. I only plan to play KotET on 2 or 3 characters per server (Red Eclipse and Shadowlands) to keep the variety up in-game. It’s good to see a couple of new locations on the way and I hope these yield more missions than just story chapters. Open World is the way forward in my opinion.

My thanks to those who provided links to Data Mining information as I wouldn’t have found these myself – so consider this a community post!

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