Crisis on Umbara – What’s Theron Shan Really Up to?

SWTOR Crisis on Umbara Flashpoint

Following on from the War on Iokath (which I’ve yet to write about for various reasons), Crisis on Umbara a new Flashpoint from SWTOR, picks up a thread left ‘hanging’ on Iokath. During your attempt to stop the Republic and Imperial forces taking the Super Weapon a sabogated Throne brings you face to face with […]

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Into the Void – KotET Chapter 7 :: Vaylin – Nature or Nurture?

Into the Void - SWTOR KoteT Chapter 7 - Vaylin Nature or Nurture?

At the end of KotET Chapter 6 – The Dragon’s Maw, Vaylin is speaking with an Anomid on the Planet Nathema about reversing her conditioning. This conditioning was designed by Valkorion to lock away her power (or “Cage her Mind” as Senya once said). Anyone who knew the phrase “Kneel before the Dragon of Zakuul” […]

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