Making Armour and Jewellery in LOTRO – Explorer, Armourer and Tinker

Making Armour and Jewellery in LOTRO - Explorer, Armourer, Tinker CraftingFollowing on from the Beginner’s Guide to Crafting in LOTRO, here I will cover three of the crafting professions: Explorer (Tailor), Armourer (Metalsmith) and Tinker (Jeweller). This means with 2 characters, if you are Free-to-Play, you can gear yourself up with 14 slots on your character sheet by making armour and jewellery!

I will only cover things relevant for Apprentice Crafting – by the time you reach Journeyman you’ll already be getting to grips with making things in LOTRO!

Skip to the profession you want to learn more about! (Other professions coming very soon!)

Explorer / Tailor


Explorers do not gather from ‘nodes’ for their leathers. However, if you turn on Track Wood you can chop fallen wood into logs. These can then be turned into boards, which Woodsman crafters can use. Woods also have a chance of dropping Flax Fibres which you can use while levelling Mastery to increase your critical chance. (Wood also drops Resins which Woodworkers need).

For your leathers you will need to defeat creatures that drop Hides – e.g. wolves, bears and boars (e.g Bristlehides). In The Shire, Ered Luin and the Eastern part of Bree-land these creatures will drop Light Hides, which you will need to keep.

Although you can’t “track” creatures like other professions, if you are also a Hunter then you can use Passage of Nature to find nearby creatures. This makes Explorer a natural fit for Hunters, but I have non-Hunter Explorers.

Processing – Forester

Before you can make armour (including capes) from the hides you will need to use a Workbench to turn your Light Hides into Brushed Light Leathers. Later on you may need to create Glazed Leathers. This is achieved by purchasing Lumps of Wax from a Supplier and then going back to the Workbench to finish glazing the leather.

Making – Tailor

Once you have sufficient leather you can begin to make the items of armour you need. Once you have completed Proficiency, you can use your Flax Fibres to increase the Critical Chance of making a more powerful version of your armour. You may need to make more than one of the same armour piece before you receive a ‘purple’, stronger item. Below you can see that a critical success produces a Tough Cloth Cloak which has better stats than the Rough Cloth Cloak:

Many tailor recipes also need at least one component you will need to buy from a nearby Supplier. For the above cloak you need a Bolt of Rough Cloth. If you want to use any Flax Fibres you must tick the Use +45% Checkbox!

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Armourer / Metalsmith


As one who makes armour out of metals you need to gather Ore from the landscape. Although you can spot Copper Ore as you are questing, you should turn on Track Mines to make this easier. You should also ensure that any Brimstones you mine (or pick up from mobs or chests) are saved in your bags.


For Apprentice Armourer, you cannot make armour out of copper! You will need to convert the copper to bronze.

  • Use a Forge to melt your ore into Copper Ingots using the Prospecting tab
  • Find a nearby Supplier and purchase some Tin Ingots
  • Go back to your Forge and craft Bronze Ingots


Once you have sufficient bronze, you can move to the Armourer tab of your crafting panel and create any armour pieces from the recipes you have available.

When you hit proficiency, you will want to return to the Forge and use any Brimstones you have created to try to make a better version to equip. Brimstones do not guarantee a better version, they simply increase the chance of one. So you may need to craft the same armour piece multiple times before you get a ‘purple’ version.

How to Use Left-over Materials

Once you have made all the armour for yourself you need, you will likely not have completed Proficiency in Armourer, let alone Mastery. You can ‘grind’ Bronze ingots down into Bronze Shavings. And then turn Bronze Shavings back into Ingots. You will deplete your stocks of Bronze this way, so you may need to go collect more Copper before you can make, and grind, more Bronze ingots to level your crafting.
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Tinker / Jeweller


Your gathering method is to find metal deposits while questing. To make this easy, turn on Track Mines. Metal deposits yield metal, gemstomes and Rock-Salts needed for critical hits on crafting. Not all metal deposits will yield gemstones and rock-salts however. In starter regions, all the metal deposits are Copper Ore which you can use to make jewellery. Once you move to West Bree-land, the deposits are Barrow-Iron and Silver. Though you can level your Prospecting with Barrow-Iron, only the Silver is usable for jewellery.


For the Jeweller processing is a 2-stage process:

  1. Smelting Metal: At a Forge, you will need to melt your Copper Ore into Copper Ingots.
  2. Polishing Gemstones: as in real-life, gemstones aren’t mined all nice and shiny! That’s your job! Head to a Workbench and polish them up!


With shiny metal and shiny gems, you can now make the jewellery! Unlike other professions you do not need to buy anything from a Supplier. Once you have completed Proficiency you can use Rock-Salts to increase your chance of a critical success and produce a stronger item. So for example, this Agate Necklace of Quickness grants a 5% out-of-combat run-speed boost. A critical success gives 8% out-of-combat run-speed boost and +2 Vitality.

TL;DR Making Armour and Jewellery in LOTRO

This is a brief introduction to you making armour and jewellery in LOTRO. If you’re a beginner I hope this has proven useful! I’ll be writing about the other crafting professions very soon. If you have any questions, please do feel free to reach out on Twitter and I’ll do my best to help!

Good luck with crafing in LOTRO!

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