Diamond Hunting (Yondershire)
LOTRO Quest in Long Cleave

LOTRO Diamond Hunting - Yondershire Quest

As part of your LOTRO adventures in Yondershire, you’ll eventually reach the village of Long Cleave. Actually you may get there quickly depending which quests you follow. Anyway, a Hobbit called Rosalinda North-took has a quest called Diamond Hunting. While this quest is very straightforward, the nature of the world map means it can be very hard to see quest NPCs in small areas. To help you out, here’s the walk-through and all the NPCs you need to speak with.

Diamond Hunting

In fairly standard Hobbit fashion, so much needs doing in and around the family’s Hobbit-hole. Rosalinda North-took wants her daughter Adamanda1 to help her. In fact, she believes her daughter should help her, but cannot find her.

While she is sure Adamanda is away “pretending to be a Ranger” (her words!), Rosalinda suggests you ask some of the Hobbits in Long Cleave and Nobottle if they’ve seen her. These are:

Why is Adamanda Called Diamond?

This is semi-researched guesswork. I think it’s a combination of “adamant” and “amanda”. Adamant, per Wikipedia, an archaic form of diamond. And that modern word is still derived from the Latin adamas.

Adamant is also an adjective meaning “an unwillingness to change what you stand for”(ref).

Amanda means “lovable” or “worthy of love” (though shouldn’t everyone be worthy of love?).

So Adamanda is a very cleverly-created name to mean someone who is lovable, a diamond in people’s eyes and unyielding in her views.

Ask the Hobbits

Where is Diamond?

Adamanda North-took, aka Diamond can be found North-West of Nobottle around (26.2S, 77.8W). I will leave you to read what she says once you’ve found her. I don’t want to spoil her reaction!

Quest Rewards

TL;DR Complete the Diamond Hunting Quest with Ease

Hopefully this brief guide on Diamond Hunting eased the pain of the cramped map areas for this quest. Maybe we can do what Hobbits in Michel Delving do – write a petition to LOTRO for a Zoomable world map? Until then, I’ll help you out where I can. Enjoy your time in Yondershire!


  1. I highlighted this in bold because you will shortly see she has two names.

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