Dark Reunions - SWTOR KotET Chapter 3

Dark Reunions - SWTOR KotET Chapter 3In the middle of Chapter 2 – Run for the Shadows, there is a cutscene with SCORPIO and Vaylin. In it, SCORPIO reports the rumour that the Alliance Commander is dead. Vaylin disputes this, sensing her Father’s spirit is still “rattling around” inside his “pet”. Informing Vaylin that the truth is irrelevant, she insists that the chaos that resulted from the rumour means now is a time to strike – and she doesn’t mean Odessen. So, in the build up to Chapter 3, Dark Reunions Vaylin and SCORPIO launch a bid to take The Gravestone.

The Radala Deception

SCORPIO, imitating a female freighter captain in danger, arranges for a ship to be chased by two Eternal Fleet Vessels. Probably controlling them so they fire towards, but not at the ship! She then sends a distress call out, which is answered by Koth onboard the Gravestone. Once the freighter is onboard, the Eternal Empire forces storm in. It is in this scenario that Dark Reunions takes place.

Koth manages to get the Gravestone’s systems locked down initially and makes himself scarce elsewhere on the ship. It’s from his hiding place that he manages to get a distress call through to the Alliance Base on Odessen. That’s when you launch out to retake the Gravestone from Vaylin’s forces. But nothing’s ever easy, so you can’t actually just dock in the hanger – you have to use an escape pod to burrow your way in!

The Mouse Droid Mission

To be able to find Koth, you need to restore reroute some power from conduits Aurek, Besh and Cresh. The only way you can do this is through remotely controlling a mouse droid. In a scene that gave me a flashback from Jedi Knight II, you navigate the mouse droid around enemy forces to reach the conduits. Be patient, watch for patterns in the Skytrooper patrols, then negotiate around them. It took me a few attempts to get it right, but if you’re patient it’s fine! I found this video by another player which shows how to play this bit:

The Quantum Bomb

When you finally catch up with Koth, he says that since the events of Knights of the Fallen Empire, he made some modifications to the ship’s security. That means Vaylin can’t use the Omnicannon, Sub-Light Engines and Hyperdrive. The Gravestone is stranded in space. However, SCORPIO identifies that Koths encryption key is ‘personal’. That’s why Vaylin gets to work torturing Koth’s crew for information.

Vaylin's Guard Finds you during Dark Renions. No way through without a fight!
Vaylin’s Guard Finds you during Dark Renions. No way through without a fight!
With trepidation, Koth reveals that he set up a Quantum Bomb, one that would detonate if the incorrect passcodes were used. Call it a “failsafe” to ensure the Gravestone didn’t fall into enemy hands. The problem with a Quantum Bomb is that it has a huge explosion range. If detonated, nearby capital ships would also likely be destroyed. At this point in the story, the bomb hasn’t been triggered. As he hadn’t planned on being on board when the bomb would be triggered, he wants to get it deactivated.

Before you can do so, however, you have to defeat one of Vaylin’s personal guards.

Kneel Before the Dragon of Zakuul

SCORPIO, playing both sides, lets you know that Vaylin is “wherever you are not”. Instead of wanting to face you, she’s avoiding you at this point. Eventually you find her in the Dark Sanctuary on The Gravestone, fighting Lana Beniko. During that battle, Vaylin causes the bomb to trigger. Koth’s infamous “three minutes” strikes again. As a player however you’ll be grateful to learn that your count down does not begin until after you’ve battled with Vaylin!

A few pointers from this battle:

  • There are power surges in circles on the floor. Try to drag Vaylin into them.
  • Due to Vaylin’s abilities, unless you’re a healer yourself, I advise your companion be set to Heals.
  • You need to keep moving. This is harder on characters with channelled abilities. If you get caught within Vaylin’s own circle, she has some deadly incapacitating moves. Clearly melée characters have to get into that circle, but try to keep moving out of it.

Only once Vaylin has been weakened does Valkorion step in to prevent Vaylin from trying to destroy you. He then uses the phrase Kneel Before the Dragon of Zakuul which appears to lock down Vaylin’s power. Horrified by this realisation, she accuses her father of fearing what she would become. Realising she cannot do any more harm to you at this point, she flees into another part of The Gravestone away from you

Aside: this is very similar to the Imperial Agent storyline where your Agent is controlled by use of the keyword onomatophobia.

Deactivating the Quantum Bomb

Unfortunately your fight with Vaylin doesn’t mean you’re home and dry. One you reach the door to the Dark Sanctuary, a three minute count-down starts. You have to destroy as many of the power relays as possible in that time as the bomb seems to be protected by some kind of shield. That shield needs taking out.

You have 3 Minutes before Koth's Quantum Bomb Explodes
You have 3 Minutes before Koth’s Quantum Bomb Explodes
I have heard that ranged characters (Sorcs, Snipers, Sharp Shooters) have an easier time of this mission because you have some strong Area Of Effect (AoE) abilities.

I failed 6 times as a Jedi Guardian (Tank Spec). So that meant I had to get another player to help out. Timed missions aggravate my Fibromyalgia pain so I was in a lot of pain after 6 failed attempts. I was grateful to a guild mate who helped me out here.

GEMINI Droids, Gravestone & SCORPIO

Dark Reunions ends with SCORPIO taking full control of the Gravestone. She has discovered that the GEMINI Droids, the Eternal Fleet Vessels, The Gravestone and herself are all linked. They share the same source. It’s at this point, The Gravestone jumps to Hyperspace and all that SCORPIO says is:

The Gravestone wants to go home…

The chapter ends with The Gravestone heading towards a mechanical planet and a blinding flash of light knocks you unconscious. That leads us into Where Dreams Die.

TL;DR Dark Reunions Round-Up

This is an intense chapter – from the fight with Vaylin to the timed bomb deactivation. But we learn more about Valkorion’s treatment of Vaylin when she was a child. We also learn there is an intrisic link between SCORPIO, the Gravestone and the GEMINI Captains. This chapter also gives us a break from onslaught with the neat Mouse Droid interaction. It seems SWTOR have started to include different elements in missions – from traps in Chapter 2, to this droid in Chapter 3. KotET is certainly not monotonous. Now if I could just do that 3 minute count-down I would be sorted…

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