Crafting in Knights of the Eternal Throne (KotET)

SWTOR: Crafting in Knights of the Eternal Throne (KotET)There are many changes coming with Knights of the Eternal Throne (KotET). New small-group content called Uprisings, conclusions to storylines started in Fallen Empire – and a story leading to you taking the Throne of the Eternal Empire and ruling via Galactic Command. More changes are coming around the question of crafting in Knights of the Eternal Throne, and while some details are lacking, I can at least give you a summary of what I do know.

New Materials and Schematics

With the launch of Eternal Throne, there will be new materials and schematics added – some initially at your crafting trainer. As it currently stands, without doing Raids/Ops you can craft 212 rating gear (albeit with Exotic Isotopes) and augment those. From my understanding, to be able to craft 220/224 gear, you needed to obtain items from Raids/Ops and reverse engineer those. That will no longer be a requirement, as such.

You will be able to craft 216, 218, 222 Rating Gear. If you didn’t do Operations (which includes myself) the only way we could obtain 216/220 gear was through Crystal Vendors, which are being phased out with KotET. Or we could pay extravagant prices on GTN (for a non-hardcore gamer like me, paying 1.5m for a 220 hilt is extravagant as that represents 25-50% of my characters balance!). Now you’ll be able to craft them. Which makes me think the crystals vendors won’t be replaced with credit vendors, they may just be removed. But we’ll see.

“End Game” Crafting

This Forum Thread appears to make a distinction between crafting schematics available from your crafting trainer and “End Game Crafting”.

  • Once you hit L70 (whether or not you have completed KotET), you will have access to Galactic Command. Through missions available from this, you can earn Command Crates.
  • As with all crates, they are likely governed by Random Number Generation (RNG).
  • End Game crafting under KotET will be determined by what schematics you receive via Command Crates.
  • The same crates may also yield the “best gear” in the game, a phrase BioWare used. This makes be think that maybe better-gear-than-can-be-crafted may drop for those who partake in the toughest content.
  • To be able to craft End Game Gear, these schematics will require materials earned from Conquests in order to craft them.. This means you can’t simply go gathering. You have to engage in content, to find the materials, to craft the schematics.
  • 4th December Update: Grade 10 crafting materials have been sighted on Zakuul and Darvannis. As per usual you’ll still need a ‘Flux’ ingrediant from Crew Skills and the mission-only materials (e.g. Treasure Hunting/Diplomacy etc). I’m not all that sure what they meant by ‘materials from conquests’ but I’m still very new to Galactic Command.
  • YOu may be able to get schematics by reverse engineering gear from Command Crates (assuming RNG is on your side of course)!
  • To be able to craft End Game Mods, You will earn the schematics to craft mods through either reverse engineering the mod, PvP, or looting the schematic from an Operation boss. These schematics will require materials earned from Operations or PvP in order to craft them.
  • 4h December Update: you can get schematics from your Crew Skills vendor, but the Schematics coming out of the few Command Crates I have so far, are much more powerful

Summary of Impacts on Crafting in Knights of the Eternal Throne

  • If you don’t do Operations or PvP (i.e. me), you won’t be able to craft the highest tier of mods. This is a confusing restriction from a company who refuse to bring out new operations.
  • The likely outcome for anyone who can’t/doesn’t do Group content, is to crafting gear instead of mods. I can live with that.
  • You absolutely have to do Galactic Command Missions to be able to craft end game stuff. No gathering and companion missions to achieve these.
  • Until KotET Lands, I don’t know how the pre-end-game gear is craftable or where you get your materials. I’ll update this post once I’ve had a look around.
  • Bonus Point: from Level 66 you can send 8 Companions on Crew Skills missions, up from 6. Of course gathering missions cost credits, but does mean you can increase your skills quicker.

I hope this is a useful summary. There are more questions than answers, I realise. I’ll update this post on Crafting in Knights of the Eternal Throne when I can. However I cannot make it complete because I don’t do PvP or Operations as these impact my pain levels. And I feel it’s a real shame that the ability to craft is now determined by your ability to complete difficult content and then hope the dice rolls are in your favour. I don’t normally do negative posts so I hope I have better news once KotET Lands. I’ll remove the rants if there is good news!

Got Any Input?

As this post develops I want it to be as accurate as possible, so if I’ve misinterpreted or missed anything, please let me know in the comments. Thank you!

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