Wrath and Ruin – KotET Chapter 1 on Voss

This post contains spoilers. If you haven't played KotET yet, you may want to come back to this post later.

Wrath and Ruin: KotET Chapter 1 from SWTORWrath and Ruin is the first, explosive chapter in the new Knights of the Eternal Throne expansion from SWTOR. Empress Vaylin now controls the Eternal Empire and begins her destructive conquering of the galaxy, starting with the neutral, peaceful world of Voss. The Eternal Fleet is razing the planet, setting fire to the landscape and reducing ancient buildings and monuments to rubble.

The war against the Core Worlds really has begun.

Although my character on this run is Force Neutral, she took Light Side options for much of KotET.

Alternative Endings are available, as far as I am aware.

Voss and Gormak

One of the cultural revelations during Wrath and Ruin is that all inhabitants of Voss have joined together to defend their home planet. Historically the Voss and Gormak have been enemies, fighting for supremacy over the Force-Balanced world. Despite coming from a common ancestor, Voss and Gormak became two distinct people groups after one group demanded to learn more power from the Jedi that had arrived. Now the Eternal Empire is invading, all it took was a common enemy and Voss and Gormak have joined to defend their home planet. How past grievances can quickly be turned around.

Defending Voss-Ka

Your first fight in KotET lands you straight in Voss-Ka. The whole city is in flames (that was fun on my Frames-per-Second!). Leading a small strike force you have to work your way through the city towards the Tower of Prophesy. Explosions happen all around and structures fall around you. It is utter chaos – exactly the scene that Vaylin wanted to create.

There is a Bonus Mission here, helping defend groups of Voss against Eternal Empire invaders. I think you need to find 7 groups and they aren’t marked on your map – you have to find them. If you’re starting KotET from Level 65, you’ll want the XP from the bonus mission along with the credits reward (about 20k if I remember right). That, and, you’re leading the forces against Zakuul – so you probably have a moral duty to help. If your character believes in Moral Duty, of course!

Leading the War Effort

Up to this point, you as the Outlander have led small strike forces against the Eternal Throne. Even in the Battle of Odessen, your job was infiltrating Arcann’s flagship to take him out. In Wrath and Ruin, you’re leading the Alliance Fleet and facing a huge Eternal Empire ground invasion. Leading the Alliance moves from being a figurehead to a true Commander of Alliance Forces.

Commandeer the Mandalorian Walker against Eternal Empire Forces
Commandeer the Mandalorian Walker against Eternal Empire Forces
To that end, during your fight to the Shrine of Healing on Voss, you get to command a Walker provided by Torian Cadera’s Mandalorians. I found this a real challenge at first. A few pointers from my mistakes (and nearly getting my walker destroyed).

  • Use the “stomp” ability where possible, the numbers are too large to shoot them all individually.
  • You must use the stomp ability against shielded Skytroopers. If you don’t they will have the advantage.
  • Where possible, avoid the main path to the Shrine of Healing. Although there are groups of Eternal Empire forces on the hills, more congregate around the path.
  • Make sure to look for the green repair circles. You can only use each circle once but there are a few en route to the Shrine.

Why Vaylin is Bombing Voss?

As the chapter develops, you are informed that Senya and Arcann are on Voss. Senya is working, albeit impatiently, with Voss Healers, to purify Arcann of his anger and hatred. Apart from simply razing a world, and abusing her power as Empress, Vaylin sees an opportunity to blow away her mother, brother, the Outlander and Father. That is an opportunity she doesn’t want to turn down.

To Save Senya and Arcann or Not?

It is here that you have your first difficult call as Commander: what do you do with Senya and Arcann? On my first run, as stated above, I took the ‘Light Side’ option: letting Senya get Arcann healed. What follows is a beautiful, and heart-wrenching scene where Senya says “Take me, just save my son” (or words to that effect). The Voss then engage in a ritual to exchange ‘one life essence for another’. That ritual puts Senya into a coma, all energy sapped from her.

An interesting, but subtle change in Arcann, is that he has blue eyes after the ritual, having had yellowy-red ones up to that point. Has the ritual been a success? We don’t know at this point, as Arcann escapes in a shuttle before you can stop him.

Light Side Choice: Redeeem Arcann

Dark Side Choice: Betray and Kill Senya

Enter Empress Acina of the Sith Empire

Once you have finally fought to the Shrine of Healing and decided what you want to do about Senya and Arcann, Vaylin finally departs Voss. The heat is on – how can you find, and destroy the Eternal Empress? This is no easy task and you will need allies – eyes and ears across the galaxy.

Empress Acina of the Sith Empire Being Very Pragmatic
Empress Acina of the Sith Empire Being Very Pragmatic
This chapter ends with an intriguing invitation from Empress Acina, the last known Dark Council surviver of the Eternal Empire’s initial conquest. Other Dark Council members may have survived but gone into hiding/exile. There are some neat exchanges with her as a Jedi, talking with the leader of the Sith Empire. But this Empress isn’t about holding onto old ideology, but about protecting her people. As this conversation progresses it turns out Empress Acina is much more pragmatic:

We will follow anyone strong enough to defeat Vaylin.

And the scene is set for Chapter 2: Run for the Shadows.

TL;DR Wrath and Ruin Review

This first chapter makes you realise you are not just commanding a small, rag-tag group of rebels. You are leading an Army and a Navy set on defeating an overwhelming adversary. You fight large scale battles and make tough choices. As KotET develops, those choices will only get harder. Wrath and Ruin sets that stage perfectly.

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