The Dragon's Maw - SWTOR KotET Chapter 6

The Dragon's Maw - SWTOR KotET Chapter 6 Walk-through Guide

It’s time now to look at my favourite chapter of Knights of the Eternal Throne – Chapter 6 – The Dragon’s Maw. This is my favourite because it involves the least amount of combat and features a huge puzzle to solve! I think I heard some people complaining about this but I really enjoyed exploring this KotET Chapter. Admittedly I also took far longer on it than was needed the first time around, so the aim of this post is to show you the solution to this puzzle step-by-step so guide you through this.

So it’s time to gate-crash Vaylin’s party and head into the Dragon’s Maw, let’s go!

Operation Dragon’s Maw

Vaylin has secured full control of her GEMINI Droids during the events of Chapter 5 – Ascension. Since then, Alliance ships, convoys and supplies have been targeted by the Eternal Fleet. As always, you want to stop Vaylin before she inflicts destruction on the whole galaxy. To celebrate her recent successes, Vaylin is holding a party in Zakuul – and that’s your chance to get up close and personal. If you can get close enough you should be able to trigger her conditioning to contain her power.

Theron Shan has managed to get an inside man, the party organiser Indo Zal to work with you to make it possible. He can arrange invites and disguises to get you inside.

And for extra backup, Vaylin plans to execute some Zakuulan rebels. You could make these rebels your mini-army inside the party – if you can free them. Operation Dragon’s Maw gets under way!

Pick Up a Free Stronghold Decoration

In the Foyer is a table with complimentary Vaylin Holos. On completion of The Dragon’s Maw you will be awarded a free Vaylin Stronghold Decoration if you pick one of these up!

Indo Zal: Your contact during SWTOR Chapter 6 - the Dragon's Maw
Indo Zal, Your Inside Man

Note: These are not here at the start of the chapter. Wait until you hear an announcement by Indo Zal about getting the Vaylin Holo. “Let her light up your home today!”. Ha. ha. ha.

Palace of the Eternal Dragon – Maps

I’ve put together some maps to help you through this chapter, because this place is huge!

Here’s the key to those maps:

  • Yellow Circles: Horizon Guards
  • Teal Circles: Mission Objectives to correspond to the puzzle walk-through below
  • Pink Squares: Control Nodes you need to place Ion Charges on.

Step 1: Meet with Indo Zal and Avoid the Horizon Guard

Disguises in place you have to infiltrate the party. By the way exiting the party is strictly forbidden! Your first challenge is getting to Indo Zal without getting the attention of Vaylin’s Horizon Guard. You can do this by avoiding the guards with the Red Circles of Death around them.

Step 2: Ion Charges and Slave Collars

If you want your inside army you’ll need to deactivate the traitors’ slave collars first. To this end Indo Zal has smuggled Ion Charges into his “Deceptively Large Pockets”. You’ll need to set the Ion Charges into specific locations on the map. And this is where the puzzle starts. A few quick notes:

  • There is a Hint Ability if you want to use it.
  • You must still avoid Horizon Guard
  • Some areas are inaccessible until you gain access somehow.
  • There is a bonus mission to be gained here if you play it right!

Gain Access to the Knights Barracks

Your first point of entry you need to win is the Guard Barracks. To get there safely head back to the Grand Foyer and head up the stairs to Level 2.

You are informed that there is “No entry until shift change, unless you’ve got our food order”. They’ll let anyone in who will feed them!

  • That’s your cue to get back to the kitchen.
  • Note: you must visit and speak to the Guard at the Barracks before you can speak to the Kitchen Attendant
  • You inform the Attendant that you have clearance and he lets you in.
  • Remember to pick up the food supplies while you’re in the kitchen!
  • Control Node 1 is through the Kitchen off to the left.
  • Although Control Node 2 is nearby you can’t reach it without a Maintenance Permit.
  • Head back to the Barracks and deliver the Guards their food!

Once you’re allowed into the Guard Barracks, click the table to place the food and watch the hungry vultures swarm. This is your key to watch the people in the room as they leave their posts.

Get Access To Knights Barracks
Play this video
Get Access To Knights Barracks

Things You Need To Do in This Area

  • Pick up the Zakuul Knight-Captain’s Shield (Objective 3 on the map). This will help you later.
  • Use the Door Console inside the Barracks. This gives you access to Control Node 6. No-one said you had to place the Ion Charges in sequence!

Getting and Using Your Maintenance Permit

Ok, with your Zakuul Knight-Captain’s shield, head back to Floor 1 (Objective 4) on the map. The Guard will let you through. Take the stairs through Storage which takes you to the Loading Docks. Backtrack on yourself and you’re in Sub-Level 1.

  • Head to the Machine Room
  • Pick up the Maintenance Pass
  • Use the Door Console nearby to trigger the Bonus Mission: Lift the Lock-Down to access the Server Room (and the data inside it).
  • Although close by you cannot plant an Ion Charge on Control Node 4 at this stage as it’s behind a locked door.

There are two locked doors which require your maintenance permit. The first is Control Node 2. Go get that now. 3 Nodes down, 3 to go!
Head back up to Floor 2 towards Objective 5, another Guard who let’s you through as you’re a Knight-Captain. Here you can reach Control Node 5 with your Maintenance Access Card. Be careful as you approach the door. There are two Horizon Guards very close by!

A Piece of Zakuul History

Watcher Izax was a sleeper agent sent into other non-Eternal Empire worlds to spy on them. Until he abandoned his loyalties.

Security Centre Access – Bonus Mission

As with the Maintenance Pass, your Knight-Captain Shield grants you access to the Security Centre (Objective 6). Tread very carefully here!

You need access to the door’s console, but a 350k HP Zakuul Knight is standing next to it.
Nearby is a Security Desk Console which you can use to distract the Knight. But wait until he is by the desk first.
Now you can gain access. Use any of the Terminals in the room to lift the lock-down.

Head back to the Server Room on Sub-Level 1 to access the server room and retrieve Vaylin’s Data (should make Theron Happy).

You should have access to the floor below through a different door in the Security Centre now, so use that. At the bottom of the stairs is a huge door that should work now the lock-down is lifted.

Control Nodes 3 and 4

That huge door takes you into the Beast Care area, head left and back on yourself for Control Node 3.

NOTE: As you pass through the beast pens, two NPCs are arguing about “Keeping the kids healthy“. When they finish arguing, one of them adds medicine to the bowl in front of an Exoboar. Once he has done that the bowl is clickable. You can remove the beast’s medicine which helps (a little bit) when you have to fight them.

Head towards the Machine Room and use the console, which opens up the door in the North East corner. Just for tidiness, go get your bonus objective then head back to Control Node 4.

Puzzles solved, it’s cutscenes and battles from hereon in!

Crashing Vaylin’s Speech

In KotET, you, the Alliance Commander seem to be great at big entrances. The crashing of Vaylin’s speech during The Dragon’s Maw is one of these!

Beast Pens

After not being in combat mode for so long you’re launched straight into the beast pens with some of the traitors, including Indo Zal who has been found to be betraying Vaylin from under her nose.

  • Although saving some of the rebels seems like a good thing, your primary concern is Keeping Indo Zal alive. Take out the initial critters then the Rancor which spawns.
  • You still need to keep the Rancor away from Indo, and the Rancor doesn’t sit still while you fight it!
  • After the next cutscene, if you completed the bonus mission, Lana comms you to say the intel you secured enabled a short-cut. Use the nearby console then head for the Sky Deck.

Bonus Point: In the Security Centre you can deactivate one of the Skytrooper Controls at a console. Use it if you need to take this route!

Gate Crash Vaylins Party
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Gate Crash Vaylins Party

How The Dragon’s Maw Plays Out

KotET Chapter 6 may look different for you compared to me, depending on how you deal with Senya and Arcann in Chapter 1 – Wrath and Ruin. So, instead of describing it all, I’ll just post the video of the end of The Dragon’s Maw on my kinda-Light Side Jedi Guardian.

SWTOR: Dragon's Maw End Sequence (Video)
Play this video
SWTOR: Dragon's Maw End Sequence (Video)

DISCLAIMER: I apologise for my cursor being in this. I had a few graphics driver issues thanks to NVIDIA, so the Arcann and Valkorion Scene isn’t perfect.

TL;DR The Dragon’s Maw – SWTOR KotET Chapter 6

As I said at the start The Dragon’s Maw is by far my favorite in Knights of the Eternal Throne. A rest from combat, some great cutscenes, and a puzzle to solve. Let me know how you got on!

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