An Open Letter to BioWare From a Chronic Pain Gamer

Open Letter to BioWare from a Chronic Pain GamerDear BioWare Developers,

Let me start by saying that you’re doing a great job with SWTOR. Others may be quick to criticise, because they expect perfection for a small fee / month. I don’t, but maybe that’s because I do database development as part of my day job. The cinematography, the creation of new worlds, intricate plots and great voice acting mean I get engrossed in chapters really easily.

The reason I’m writing this open letter, though, is because the Outlander is at the centre of Fallen Empire and not the gamer. Your ‘auto playing’ of the next chapter is becoming a burden to me. Let me explain why:

I have Chronic Pain due to a condition called ‘Fibromyalgia’. That means I have to play at a level that suits each day’s pain levels. As KotFE Chapters are intense I can’t always play them if my pain is really high. So, often, I want to play a character but not a chapter, maybe

  • Go to a planetary arc I haven’t done
  • Start the Macrobinocular or Seeker Droid missions
  • Do Alliance Crate Heroic Missions
  • Do an expansion I skipped – e.g. Ilum or Makeb

However I no longer have a way to play to my strengths or pain levels because you auto-play chapters, very often locking out all companions. You can’t easily return crates to the Alliance Specialists because the chapter auto-plays. Granted, I can escape out of it, but that still locks out my companions.

This means I log a character but can’t actually play it due to the pain levels. Please can you return power to the gamer by not auto-playing chapters or by not auto-locking companions until you travel to the chapter’s location?

That way I can still give my characters love even if I don’t have my pain under control, or I have really low energy, and can’t do ‘intense’ Fallen Empire chapters.

Short Attention Span
One of the annoying things about Fibro is an inability to concentrate. So I need a steady pattern in life, combined with some variety. Fallen Empire is the same story for all classes. I keep creating new characters to re-gain the variety. Maybe in a year or so, could you consider doing ‘the next bit’ of the class stories, maybe as Empire/Republic regain control of their borders or something? I’d hate to not want to play some of my characters because of repetitiveness.

Yes I’m just one gamer, and maybe more vocal than most, but an opinion ‘out there’ is better than one just writhing in my head!

I know BioWare is a business, as a business-owner I understand that. But there are more important things than Cartel Random-packs and free gifts. At least for me, I’m not speaking for other SWTOR or BioWare fans.

But, please consider the diverse needs of your gamers and allow us to control our own destiny, rather than the droids of BioWare trying to control it for us. Then we can continue enjoying SWTOR doing what we want to do, at our own pace.

My Thanks,

(many characters on Red Eclipse and Shadowlands Servers)

My SWTOR Characters

Please take a moment to look at some of my creations. I enjoy your game…a lot. Please help me keep it that way.

All my content will always be freely available. However, if you'd like to support myself and my family, please consider buying us a virtual coffee. Either way, thank you for visiting, I appreciate it!

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I second this!
My pain is gut oriented, thanks to my having Crohn’s Disease and IBS, but the sentiment still holds true.

Worse yet, I can no longer do story missions with people, when I finally have people to do them with.
Sure, I understand new chapters not letting you do that.

But classic missions? Why not?

Having a friend help out and progress with you can help alleviate a lot of stress for us chronically in pain folks, and can brighten some really harsh days too.

Joseph Brown
Joseph Brown

I also think they should do this. I do not know much about you or the Disease but know there others like myself that play this game with time is short or it a brief time you can log in between getting ready to go to work or in My case my PTSD I can have high energy level or low points in any day. I play swtor to try and cope with the things I wish where not on my mind at times and found with the DS VS LS was trying to get in the area to try… Read more »

Roland Clarke
Roland Clarke

I endorse this a well since I have multiple sclerosis and play from a wheelchair. I find myself fighting mobs and my disease, especially in intense situations like boss fights and PvP/ Eternal Championships so avoid them as much as I can. Least stress is crafting but that gets boring.

Shaun Salisbury
Shaun Salisbury

Sorry but the only thing EA cares about is making money while spending the least amount on the game so no amount of time asking BW to change will ever change that because EA just doesn’t care to them you are just a small number on a chart and as long as players spend massive amounts of money on the CM they have no reason to regard you or anyones wishes with the game.