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LOTRO Executioner of the Wicked - Deed Guide and Maps

So, you think you’ve had quite enough of the Barrow-Downs in Bree-land? And you’ve absolutely, definitely done all the deeds in the region? Well, you might not have because, chances are Executioner of the Wicked could pop up! This deed is, thankfully, not required to complete Deeds of Bree-land. But it does give you an opportunity for more reputation, a new title and more rep tokens from killing whatever is in the way. So let’s have a look at this deed and help you complete it.

Deed Overview

This is quite unlike any deed you’ve had in Bree-land. It’s not a classic slayer deed, nor is it an exploration one. In reality, it’s a combination of those two. Your aim is to find – and defeat – six named targets in six different locations in the Barrow-Downs. This includes the ones in the South, so you may want to check that your gear before clearing this one.

Quick Tip

One of the “features” of the Deed Log is that it cannot be scaled. This means very often that descriptions/requirements of any one particular entry appear incomplete. If an entry ends in ..., then hover your cursor over it to get the full description.

Respawn Times

As these are named enemies, you may have to wait for them to respawn. After accidentally killing Umnen, I had to wait for it to respawn. I think that was about 10 minutes – 15 maximum. I can’t speak for the other targets, but as this deed is in a busy early region, I would imagine that time is not much different for others.

Executioner of the Wicked
Your Targets

So, here are your targets, which I have kept in the order of the Deed Log itself

Defeat Brishzel

Target Name

Brishzel (Wiki )


Haudh Nogbenn (33.0S, 55.4W)

Deeds in Here

Wight-Slayer, Grave-Digger, Barghest Slayer.

Brishzel is a Barghest enemy – and probably the least evil-looking of all your wicked targets. Unlike most of the others, Brishzel wanders about a bit. Once you enter the Barrow, you come to a t-junction and he wanders around and across that point.

Defeat Umnen

Target Name

Umnen (Wiki )


Barrow of Ringdor (31.3S, 54.7W)

Deeds in Here

Wight-Slayer, Grave-Digger

Umnen is a undead spirit within the Barrow of Ringdor. To find it, enter the barrow, head down the stairs and just keep running forwards until you find more steps on the opposite side. Umnen is usually around the watery platform part-way up the steps.

Defeat Fergandir

Target Name:

Fergandir (Wiki )


Barrow of Iarchith, Southern Barrow-Downs (31.3S, 55.1W)

Deeds in Here

Wight-Slayer, Grave-Digger, Barghest Slayer(?)

Haudh Iarchith is…huge, at least in comparison to the others you’ve had to venture into. Fortunately for you, I’ve given you a really simple map so you can reach Fergandir quickly. He is on the upper level, which you can reach once you’re inside the large square-ish room to the East.

Defeat Faegfaer

Target Name

Faegfaer (Wiki )


Barrow of Goetham, Southern Barrow-Downs (33.7S, 53.9W)

Deeds in Here

Wight-Slayer, Grave-Digger

Despite the hazards of the Southern Barrow-Downs, the Barrow of Goetham is reassuringly small. Which is good, because you really don’t want to be in these places longer than is necessary! Faegfaer can be found in the location on the wee map I’ve provided.

Defeat Marrow

Target Name

Marrow (Wiki )


Barrow of Haudh Methernil (31.5S, 55.5W)

Deeds in Here


Marrow is a Kergrim and, thankfully, is not difficult to find. Haudh Methernil is really small so you need only clear other Kergrim (if your level means you need to), before taking Marrow down.

Defeat Gwigon

Target Name

Gwigon (Wiki )


Barrow of Taradan (30.9S, 55.0W)

Deeds in Here


The chances are that you triggered the Executioner of the Wicked deed while actually focusing on Spider-Slayer. Gwigon is the largest, most colourful spider in this Barrow. If you’re clearing the slayer deed, you’ll have no problems with finding Gwigon. Though that depends on respawn timers.

Quick Kill Order

While I kept the order of the named enemies to the one in the deed log it isn’t the most efficient way. To clear this deed relatively quickly, do them in this order, North to South:

  1. Gwigon
  2. Umnen
  3. Marrow
  4. Brishzel
  5. Faegfaer
  6. Fergandir

On the off-chance you’ve entered the Southern Barrow-Downs from the Old Forest, just reverse this list.

Deed Maps

Here are the full Executioner of the Wicked deed maps for both the Northern- and Southern Barrow-Downs.

Northern Barrow-Downs

Southern Barrow-Downs

Deed Rewards

  • Title Title: Executioner of the Wicked
  • LOTRO Points × 10 LOTRO Points
  • Reputation +900 Reputation (Men of Bree)

TL;DR Cleanse the Barrows for the Men (and Women) of Bree!

If it wasn’t for the fact that the Barrow-Downs features heavily as a key part of The Lord of the Rings, I would complain about how much there is to do here! But it is, and it is of historical importance too. With evil corrupting the so-called resting place of the dead, it’s down to you to put death to death. For now at least.

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