Kite of the Sickle
LOTRO Yule Festival Kite

Kite of the Sickle Pet Description

When LOTRO bring out new Yule Fest Cosmetics or Mounts, sometimes they depart from the "snow" theme. When they do, it often works out really well.

The Kite of the Sickle is not obviously seasonal, yet some folks may have fond memories of crisp, clear Winter's nights.

This traditional, diamond-shaped kite is set on a rich purple background featuring the Sickle constellation. If I remember right, that's something the folk of the Plough and Stars inn can see.

Starry, starry Kite

The stars are bright yellow, but that theme filters down to the tails. The middle tail is the same bright yellow, ending in a near-white tip. The other two are purple, but end in yellow tips.

If you're a kite person, this one just looks great, I think.

Extra Details

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