Surcoat of Nárië
LOTRO Farmers Faire Cosmetic

What's Narië I hear some of you ask? Well, I had to look it up but assumed it related to "Summer".

Nárië (Nórui in Sindarin) was the sixth month of the year in the King's Reckoning and the Stewards' Reckoning of Gondor [and] corresponded, for the most part, to Forelithe in the Shire Calendar (approximately modern 22 May through 20 June)

Tolkien Gateway

As the Surcoat of Nárië is a really old item, it's likely Summer Festival happened at roughly that time of the year

Surcoat of Nárië Description

This particular cosmetic is a comforting wrap-around piece with the high collar that really fits more of the Farmer's Faire than appropriate wear for warmer Summer months. Except maybe for Hobbits, this surcoat comes down lower than tunics.

The fabric features various shades of season-appropriate greens and the main part of it has a lovely, subtle leafy texture. In my opinion, it's aged really well, and it still occasionally surfaces in outfits I put together in LOTRO.

Caethir explains that life takes people from us, but we can't blame people for it.

Extra Info

  • Trousers Built-In: Yes
  • Shoes Built-In: No
  • Hides Gloves: Yes

Surcoat of Nárië Information

  • Festival/Event: Farmers Faire
  • Price: 35 × Farmers Faire Tokens Farmers Faire Tokens
  • Set Name: Nárië Set
  • Gear Slot: Upper Body
  • Category: Hauberk

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