Farmer's Fancy Tunic and Trousers
LOTRO Farmers Faire Cosmetic

Farmers Faire was one of the first events, if not the first I got involved in when I began started playing LOTRO. Yet even after the years have gone by, the Farmer's Fancy Tunic and Trousers is still among my most favourite of the cosmetics at this festival. If it let you choose your own footwear, I would use it far more than I do.

Fancy Tunic and Trousers Description

In loose brown cloth, the tunic has a very subtle wheat sheaf motif embroidered into it, with green upper sleeves. It also comes with green shoes (if you're not a Hobbit). It is the main central part that dyes (default colour is Umber).

The only downside to this tunic - and a good many other tunics, is that you cannot use your own shoes or boots. This has led to me really only using it on Hobbits. But as it's not item-specific, I just work around it - and I still love it.

Extra Info

  • Trousers Built-In: Yes
  • Shoes Built-In: Yes (except for Hobbits).
  • Hides Gloves: Yes

Also, I have marked this as a full set rather than just a tunic. This will be important for future feature updates to my Cosmetics Library.

Farmer's Fancy Tunic and Trousers Information

  • Festival/Event: Farmers Faire
  • Price: 35 × Farmers Faire Tokens Farmers Faire Tokens
  • Set Name: Fancy Farmer
  • Gear Slot: Upper Body
  • Category: Full Set

Other Races And Body Shapes

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