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FFXIV Heavensturn 2023 Event Guide - FF14 New Year Event

With the Starlight Celebration coming to an end, it’s time for people in-game (and out) to look at the new year approaching. The FFXIV Heavensturn Event does just that and in 2022/23 there’s a full glamour-set up for grabs too. Often it’s just a Kabuto, but I like to do FFXIV events as much for the stories as the rewards. So, let’s take a look at what SE have introduced this year!

FF14 Heavensturn Dates

This year’s event runs:

  • From 31st December 2022 at 3pm GMT (UK Time) or 7am PST
  • Until 16th January 2023 at 2:59pm GMT (UK Time) or 6.59am PST

It makes it challenging for me to figure out whether you should call it the 2022 event or the 2023 one!

Don’t Forget the Moogle Event

There is also the Moogle Tomestone Event going on. With the next patch pitched for the 10th January, make sure you get all the rewards you want.

Who Can Take Part?

Any character who is at least Level 15,

The event begins in Limsa Lominsa (Upper Decks). If you are new to FFXIV and started in Gridania or Ul’dah, you will have to complete the Main Scenario Quest MSQ up to a certain point. The relevant quests are

That will give you airship access and let you travel to Limsa to join in the FFXIV Heavensturn Event.

How to Get Started

More on Omikuji

If you’re interested in this tradition (and learning about other cultures is always interesting), here are a couple of sites that can help you. They also explain the significance of the hexagonal container in the earlier screenshot.

What is interesting is that it’s not a simply prediction as such, but guidance too. You’ll see how this plays out in the story.

(Almost) Spoiler-free Walk-through

With the event in full-swing, the Usagi Bugyo is keen to promote the year of the Rabbit and encourage people to see what the future may hold. All you have to do is help the nearby Bunnyboy, the “Far Eastern Omikujishi” (why can’t these people have real names? They can be Far-Eastern names, but still.) The story works in the following stages.

Heavensturn 2023 Questions

Are these Fortunes Random?

From what I have gathered on my three characters so far, is the answer is no. At least not on the first try. I’m not doing multiple per character as it seems…counter-intuitive.

They appear linked to where your character is in the Main Scenario Quest MSQ. Additional pointers may refer to features you’ve not tried yet.

For example, my L30 Lalafell was told riches would be found in a treasure map, which he has yet to do.

How Do I Get The New Armour?

You will receive the set once you complete the last quest: Normal Quest With Great Fortune Comes Great Responsibility.

Can I Pick More Fortunes?

If you want to keep drawing until you get a message you like, then sure! If you pick one during the story, your first one is free. All Omikuji drawn after the story cost a donation of Gil 100 (as per the customs previously mentioned).

This is true, even if you declined a fortune during the story.

Heavensturn 2022/23 Rewards

As I said at the start, there is actually a full glamour outfit this year! And from (some) people’s responses on the @FF_XIV_EN Twitter page, it seems many are looking forward to a new Samuari glamour. There is also a decoration for your home.

FYI, all the glamour images below are my own characters, but the decoration shot is from the official page.

Outfit Glamour

My first run was on my female Au’ra. See this glamour on other races/genders.

Outfit Glamours (Other Races)

Female Miqo’te
Male Lalafell
Male Miqo’te

TL;DR Bring in the New Year Samuari Style with Heavensturn

I clearly forgot to update the TL;DR once I’d amended the rewards, so here goes! Without giving spoilers, I love the messaging given by the Heavensturn 2023 story: no matter what life throws at you, what you do next is still your choice. But it is also our responsibility to help lift others up and support them too.

I hope this wee guide helped you. I’m still new to the FF14 blogging/guide writing world, so thank you for being here. See you in FFXIV, friends and don’t forget to check out the official special siteExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) too!

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