FFXIV Hatching-Tide Event 2022
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FFXIV Hatching-tide 2022 Event Guide - New EatEgg Emote, Minion and other Rewards

FFXIV Hatching-Tide: the event that gave us chicken and bunny suits in previous years is back! What on Etheirys could happen this year? Well, I’m happy to say you can remain in your own clothes – or armour if that’s how you prefer to celebrate things! The 2022 Hatching-Tide follows the “content plus community FATE” model. But if you think it’s just a quick FATE boss…well, let’s just wait and see. Giving out eggs, chasing mammots and, naturally, saving the festivities – you’ll be doing all this! Let’s get started.

When is Hatching-Tide 2022?

This year’s eggstravaganza takes place from 13th April (at 1am PDT) to 27th April 2022 (at 7:59am PDT).

In the UK that means a 9am start on the 13th, and a 4pm finish on the 27th.

If you need to convert the times for your zone this tool can be quite handy

What Level Do I Need to Be?

As with many FFXIV Events, all you need to reach is Level 15. If you’re lower than that, I’d say “hop to it”, but I expect you’ll be sick of puns by day 1! And it doesn’t matter if you’re a subscriber or on the FFXIV Free Trial – you are all welcome!

Hippity, Hoppity, Happily is a Level 15 quest.

How do I Start Hatching-Tide?

As per the FF14 announcement, you’ll need to head to Old Gridania and to Mih Khetto’s Ampitheatre and speak to Jihli Aliapoh. Man, that Aliapoh family, seriously!

Hippity, Hoppity, Happily

Jihli Aliapoh is nearly hopping with excitement to discuss the miracle that is this year’s Hatching-tide with you. Nearly.
(from the Official Event Page)

I’m going to attempt to give you a walk-through of the event without giving any spoilers away. This could be interesting.

Jihli Aliapoh

Jihli Aliapoh - main NPC for the Hatching-Tide 2022 Event
Jihli has ordered in some interesting bunny-like mammots, apparently. She will then send you to find Nonotta, who is having some chicken problems.


Nonotta can be found at Great Gloam Growery (Botanists Guild)
Notta is at the Greatgloam Growery. If you’re new to FFXIV or decided not to take up Botany, then this is the Botanists Guild Aetheryte shard. She’s at X: 5.3, Y: 7.8 in case you need that.

Just when things couldn’t possibly get worse between the chickens and the rabbit-like creatures, one of each run off! You need to give chase and find a witness.

Search for Witnesses

The Bewildered Botanist is your first witness for Hippity Hoppity Happily
For this first stage of finding witnesses, you just need the Bewildered Botanist (X:8.4, Y8.6)

Witnesses in New Gridania

Once the Bewildered Botanist points you to new Gridania, you need to find three more witnesses. These are:

Serpent Patrolman (X:9.9, Y:11.6)
Serpent Patrolman Witness
He can be found immediately upon entering New Gridania, if you take the route pointed out by the Bewildered Botanist.
Bright-eyed Girl (X:11.3, Y11.7)
Bright-Eyed Girl Witness
This wee girly is next to the Aetheryte Plaza in New Gridania.
Hatching-tide Helpmeet (X12.6, Y:13.4)
Hatching-Tide Helpmeet outside the Adventurers Guild
Oh those fun times dressed as a rabbit, trying to catch eggs. At least most of the helpers can attempt to retain some anonymity!
Once you’ve spoken with the three witnesses, then you are sent to the Mirror Planks in the Central Shroud. And there you need to take part in the FFXIV Fate Happiness is a Warm Bunny FATE.

Happiness is a Warm Bunny (FATE)

Nearest Aetheryte: Bentbranch Meadows

Hippity, Hoppity, Happily Quest Rewards

Handing Out Painted Eggs

I’ll say not a lot about this. After you’ve completed your first run through of Hatching-Tide 2022, you can speak to Nonotta again to hand out more eggs. Each location you can select features different well-known NPCs, one of which says that the “Happy Bunny” used to be called “Traveler Rabbits”. Find out more when you encounter E-Sumi-Yan when giving out eggs!

Hatching-Tide 2022 Rewards

There is no animal costume this year! “So, what is there?”, you may ask. Well, here goes!

Can You Reclaim Previous Hatching-Tide Rewards?

TL;DR Prepare for a Manic Hatching-Tide 2022

The mammot “bunnies” are very strange, but it’s a fun little questline. I really enjoy FFXIV events, mostly for the stories and fun interactions. Hatching-Tide is usually a tad surreal, but sometimes we need a bit of weirdness in life, yes? Maybe that’s just me…Happy Hatching!

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