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FFXIV All Saints Wake 2022 | FF14 Halloween Event

All Saints Wake is one of the FFXIV events that I’ve yet to cover, so hopefully this year I can remedy that! While I’m a casual blogger of FF14 at the best of times, I always run the in-game events on multiple characters. So, it’s that time of year again for the City States to be decorated with pumpkins and for All Saints Wake. Here I’ll cover the basics – and on the day I’ll add screenshots of the rewards too, so hopefully, it can be a useful quick-start guide for you. Let’s do it.

All Saints Wake 2022 Dates

From 19th October 2022 at 8am GMT (9am BST as it still is…just) to 1st November 2022 at 14:59GMT (15:59 BST). (Convert your Time ZoneExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab)).

How to Start the Event

Who Can Play?

Characters from Level 15, so if you’re new to FFXIV, get through some Main Scenario Quest MSQ story, clear some Hunting Logs and you’ll be L15 and ready to rock.


If your origin story starts in Gridania, then you need only be Level 15. If you begin in Limsa Lominsa or Ul’dah then you will need to reach the Main Scenario Quest MSQ Quest “The Lominsan Envoy” or “The Ul’dahn Envoy”. This is because you need airship access to reach Gridania.

Where’s the Questgiver?

Pick up the quest Normal Quest A Mad Masquerade from the cleverly-named “Adventurers’ Guild Investigator” in Old Gridania. He’s at (X:10.3, Y:9.1), or Mih Khetto’s Ampitheatre to make it easy!

I will leave spoilers out of this event’s guide I think, but it’s really fab. I will add some (non-spoilery) highlights a bit later.

Event Story (Kinda)

Other Areas

At this year’s FF14 All Saints’ Wake, there are a couple of other areas you can explore. As they could count as spoilers I’ll just leave some screenshots here!

Become FFXIV Characters!

You can speak with the Unsavoury Imp and transform into well-known FF14 NPC characters! You’ll find one at the Amitheatre and one in the building in one of the other areas.

The list of options is pretty epic.

All Saints Wake Rewards

Well, FFXIV have not held back this year with a whole glamour set, an emote and a housing decoration.

Outfit Glamours

You will receive the Wake Doctor’s set as quest rewards for completing the main story for All Saint’s Wake.

Wake Doctor’s Outfit: Races/Body Shapes

I’ve rephotographed my Au’ra in the white coat (without mask). But I’ve run the event on my two Lalafells so I’ve included them. I have a female Hyur but not a male one yet. I managed to create an level a male Miqo’te to L15 for this event. I’ll prepare some others for future events!

  • Wake Doctor’s Mask
  • Wake Doctor’s White Coat
  • Wake Doctor’s Rubber Gloves
  • Wake Doctor’s Bottoms
  • Wake Doctor’s Shoes

Gunmetal Black Coat

Seeing how it’s easy to get Gunmetal Black Dye with an Island Sanctuary, I experimented on the coat from this All Saints Wake. I hope you agree how awesome it looks!

Where Are the Other Rewards?

This is not obvious, especially considerering how many other activities there are at this year’s event. You obtain the Emote and the decoration from the Bespectacled Peddler for Gil gil.

Caged Wisp Decoration

Price: Gil 2,000
Tooltip: Tabletop Item: This imprisoned orb of flickering blue flame is not leading everyone astray.

This decoration can be dyed! It looks like you need to dye it before adding it to your housing storage and placing it. If you want to alter its colour, you’ll need to “unplace” it, then return it to your inventory.

Bespectacled Peddler

TL;DR Get on Down to Gridania & Enjoy All Saints Wake 2022!

Well, it’s definitely a broad range of rewards for All Saints Wake, that’s for sure! Some doctors gear and a caged wisp. The story and the mechanics for it are unusual, and there are some fab little side areas to wander around in too, so do take your time to enjoy the event! And don’t forget to check out the official pageExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) too!

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