Pugil Location in FFXIV
Rogue Hunting Log Rank 1

FFXIV Pugil | FF14 Rogue Hunting Log Rank 1 Target

As I was taking the screenshot of the Pugil, I did wonder if there were any Pugilist weapons that looked like this ugly fish...things. There ought to be, really! That aside, they fly/hover, with sharp teeth, a long alligator-like mouth and fins that look more dragonesque than those found on fish.

Rogue Class Quest

I've only put this one here for completeness. This enemy is actually required to complete the Level 1 Rogue Quest Stabbers in Your FamblesExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab). You'll have the right area(s) marked for that quest.

Where are Pugils?

Anyhow, they're not difficult to find. Exit Limsa via the Zephyr Gate to Middle La Noscea. Head North towards the Cookpot (where the Wounded Aurochs are), and your targets are all along the Agelyss River.

Pugil Location Map

Location Info

  • Region/Area:
    Middle La Noscea: Summerford
  • Nearest Aetheryte:
    Middle La Noscea: Summerford Farms

FFXIV Fate Involved in FATE

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