Redbelly Sharpeye Location in FFXIV
Hunting Log Rank 3

FFXIV Redbelly Sharpeye - Hunting Log Rank 3 Target

Okay Archer, it's time to hunt the hunter. A Redbelly Sharpeye wields a bow as you do, but hopefully not as well. That is true, yes? Can anyone even remember why they're called red-bellies? At least the Coeurlclaw Cutters made sense! Anyhow, distractions aside (I have a short attention span), the Sharpeyes can be found - and this will come as a complete shock - near the Redbelly Hive!

So, that makes them bees, I guess?

I've put coordinates below, but the map is easier to follow. On top of that, you can spy a small Redbelly campsite. Though, be warned, other classes of Redbelly may join in the "fun".

Redbelly Sharpeye Location Map

Location Info

  • Approximate Coordinates:
    X:24.0, Y:18.5
  • Region/Area:
    South Shroud: Silent Arbor
  • Nearest Aetheryte:
    South Shroud: Quarrymill

FFXIV Fate Involved in FATEs

While there are two FATEs called Breaching the Hive and Clearing the Hive, I think these are difficult to solo, even with a Chocobo. Other easier FATEs then are:

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