How To Get Your First Horse in LOTRO – a Beginner’s Guide

How to get your first horse mount in LOTRO

Post Sections Hide Show Prerequisites (Stuff You Need Before You Get a Horse) How to Get the Riding Skill from the LOTRO Store How To Get To Hengstacer Farm → Elf → Dwarf → Hobbit → Man/Woman/Beorning → Video: Getting to Hengstacer Farm from Celondim What Horses are Available at Hengstacer? Where Else Can You […]

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LOTRO Bree Beginner’s Tour Guide and Map

LOTRO Bree - a Beginner's Tour Guide and Map

Post Sections Hide Show The Prancing Pony → Barber → Healer → Bard → Milestone The Boar Fountain (Market Square) Provisioners and Suppliers Crafting Facilities → South Bree → West Bree → Bree Crafting Hall → Mess Hall (Oven Only) → Hunting Lodge (Forge Only) Bree Taxidermists The Auction Hall Lalia’s Market and Vault-Keeper Bree-town […]

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