How To Get Your First Horse in LOTRO – a Beginner’s Guide

How to get your first horse mount in LOTROIf you’re brand new to LOTRO then one of the questions you mighe be asking is this: How do I get my first horse mount? In this short beginner’s guide I’ll let you know how to get the first ‘standard’ horse but then also highlight other ways you can obtain a mount in the game.

I hope this wee blog post helps you – and if you have any questions, do pop them into the comments!

Prerequisites (Stuff You Need Before You Get a Horse)

Before you go horse-shopping you will need to have the following:

  • Riding Skill: This costs 90 LOTRO Points (95LP for F2P players) in the LOTRO Store. Don’t worry if you’re F2P, you can earn 90LP really easily. For example, completing the Shire Slayer Deeds, or the Ered Luin Slayer Deeds will get you well on your way.
  • Silver: Horses aren’t cheap in real life, so they’re not cheap in-game either. You’ll need 200 Silver (or 500 Silver for F2P players) in your wallet to purchase your first mount.

How to Buy the 95LP Riding Skill from the LOTRO Store

How To Get To Hengstacer Farm

Hengstacer Farm is first place you can buy a horse within the game itself (more info here). Situated in Northern Bree-land, the foes around the area are in the 13-16 level range. If you want your first horse early on (because who wants to walk everywhere!) then going directly to the Horse Fields could be hazardous!

Thankfully there are safe ways to get there without encountering dangerous wildlife! Depending on which species you chose at character creation, your route there will be slightly different.


If you’re an Elf you can get to Hangsteader with the following route.

  • Fast Travel: Celondim to Bree
  • Take the Bree Horse Race Horse
  • Walk North West to the Horse Fields


  • Fast Travel: Thorin’s Gate to Bree
  • Take the Bree Horse Race Horse
  • Walk North West to the Horse Fields


  • Fast Travel: Michel Delving to Bree
  • Take the Bree Horse Race Horse
  • Walk North West to the Horse Fields


Yeah you get it easy as you hit Bree pretty early on! Just take the Bree Horse Race horse (too many horses!) and wander North to purchase your mount.

Video: Getting to Hengstacer Farm from Celondim

Here’s a quick-start video to show how safe and easy it is to reach Hengstacer Farm regardless of your level!

What Horses are Available at Hengstacer?

For your first horse mount you have a range to choose from, but here are a few!

These horses are 62% Speed (62% faster than walking – if you exclude Hunters ‘find the path’!).

Where Else Can You Get Your First Horse in LOTRO?

There are other options for obtaining a first mount. You could purchase one from the LOTRO Store, for example. But the best place to find new mounts (which can include Horses and Goats) are at festivals and events. For participating in events such as the Spring Festival, Farmers Fair, Anniversary Event or Yule Festival, you can earn tokens to exchange for mounts.

Periodically there is also a Treasure Hunting Event. Although a bit grindy, you have a chance for a mount to drop in a Treasure Chest – so no bartering required! Some festival mounts also sport 68% Speed so are 10% quicker than your first horse. Here is a small selection from different festivals!

Other Mounts Available – Reputation Vendors

As you work your way through Middle Earth, you can build up reputation with local factions. Once you reach Kindred Standing you are eligible to purchase their “Prized” mount – and some are really beautiful.

TL;DR Your First Horse in LOTRO – Enjoy!

Once you have purchased your Riding Trait you can go and obtain your first horse in LOTRO. Get back to safety using your Milestone or reversing the journey you took above. But do get involved in LOTRO’s events and festivals, they usually have some great-looking mounts that are attainable by doing event quests for a couple of days. I hope this guide helped you – and feel free to ask questions in the comments!

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