Craft Your Own Weapons and Dyes in LOTRO – Woodsman, Armsman, Historian

LOTRO Crafting - Armsman (Weaponsmith), Woodsman (Woodworker) - Make Your Own Weapons in LOTRO!

Welcome to Part 3 of my LOTRO Crafting Beginner’s Guide! In this post, I will be focusing on how you can craft your own ranged and melee weapons in LOTRO. While items other than weapons may become available as you progress in your crafting profession, I want to focus on weapons – to help you […]

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Making Armour and Jewellery in LOTRO – Explorer, Armourer and Tinker

Making Armour and Jewellery in LOTRO - Explorer, Armourer, Tinker Crafting

Following on from the Beginner’s Guide to Crafting in LOTRO, here I will cover three of the crafting professions: Explorer (Tailor), Armourer (Metalsmith) and Tinker (Jeweller). This means with 2 characters, if you are Free-to-Play, you can gear yourself up with 14 slots on your character sheet by making armour and jewellery! I will only […]

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