Website Server Move Notice
(Sorry for a Boring Blog!)

FibroJedi Server Move 2023 Info and tatus

Before getting into the boring stuff, I want to say thank you for giving me this “problem”! It’s because of you people using my website so much that I need to take the next step in improving the systems behind my blog.Your support, whether it’s through visiting, Ko-Fi or Patreon means a lot and encourages me when I need it most.

Moving Servers

Around the peak traffic at the LOTRO Anniversary I started to get Error 503 (Service Unavailable). This is often caused by a high level of traffic. Sometimes that’s real people like yourselves, and sometimes it’s bot traffic warning of a possible DDoS attack. In this case it was mostly real people. So, I’m moving onto a VPS, which will give the blog dedicated hardware. This is designed to make it run smoother and reduce disruption caused by traffic spikes.

When is it Happening?

Glinmaethor - think emote in Evendim - LOTRO It has now happened.

Current Status

9th May: Site Move Completed. If you can see this status, you’re on the new server!

What to Expect

In theory, downtime should be minimal, however:
  • There may be a little disruption while the settings that point my domain to the server take effect.
  • It can take time for the SSL certificate to get activated on the new server.
All I ask is for your patience.

Ongoing Support Progress

Here’s where I am at with people that have added to ongoing support – thank you!
Thank you to those who have already helped out!
  • New Patreon Crew Members × 3
  • Increased Recurring × 1


Being a blogger who only does written stuff isn’t a huge money-spinner. It’s a good thing that I do it as much for the love of the game than trying to earn. But that doesn’t mean I don’t recognise when I have to invest. This is the second time this year, however. I make enough to cover
  • The costs of running the site (including security subscription)
  • My gaming subscriptions (and expansions when needed)
  • Any other costs for my office
  • A family contribution
  • …and a little to spare

Could You Help Support The Ongoing Costs?

But needing this VPS puts that pretty much on the income=outgoings line as it’s going to cost £30 (GPB) per month. If you’re willing to help out, even if it’s just £1/$1 month it would help. And thank you to those that already have.
  • Ko-Fi: for one-off donations, but can be recurring if you wish.
  • Patreon: donate a recurring amount, with the bonus that Patreon Supporters get early-access to most of my blog posts.
See Posts From the Future as part of my Patreon Crew →

TL;DR Either Way, Thank You

And if you can’t, then that’s cool too. Continue to use my site, message me on Social Media with ideas, corrections and feedback. Moral support is just as appreciated.Because of your visits and also financial support, what I do here is self-sustaining. I don’t have to take from my wife’s minimal earnings to run anything to do with FJ. And that means a lot to me.I’ll update this post once everything should be sorted. Thanks again!FJ
All my content will always be freely available. However, if you'd like to support myself and my family, please consider buying us a virtual coffee. Either way, thank you for visiting, I appreciate it!
Tip me a Coffee, please.

Want to Talk?

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