An Introvert in a Digital Extrovert’s Clothing

Have I Been an Introvert in a Digital Extrovert's Clothing?

Chronic moaners aside, we live in an extrovert’s and optimist’s world. Posts saying “look at this amazing thing” are more attractive than “I did a thing, look if you want”. Charismatic, outspoken leaders gain more attention than calmer, pragmatic ones. Going out with lots of friends, or being encouraged to talk about problems in groups, […]

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LOTRO Reputation Mounts List
24 Horses and Goats You Can Earn In-Game

LOTRO Reputation Mounts List - from the Shire to Pelagir, here are your reputation Horses and Goats!

One of the things that surprised me when I first started playing The Lord of the Rings Online was the sheer volume of mounts you can acquire by playing the game. The primary way outside of Festivals is through acquiring Reputation Mounts from the various factions across Middle-Earth. So, as well as the Mithril Coins […]

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