Markers of the Sunken City Deed
The Angmarim have Plaque Problems

LOTRO Markers of the Sunken City Deed in Annúminas, Evendim

The first of the Annúminas deeds I am going to cover is Markers of the Sunken City. This is a part exploration, part robbing the thieves. While there are six deed objectives, three of them are plaques dotted around the City – with the remaining three plaques held by the Angmarim invaders. In this guide I’ll help you target the right mobs and point you in the direction of the plaques still standing. Let’s get cracking.

is now live. It is mostly all in here apart from a couple of details. Estimated publish date: 4pm , Friday 8th April

Collecting Plaques

The first three plaques are not those you can simply walk into…I meant, “up to”. These ones have been stolen by the Angmarim. Now, they must be tiny plaques, because it only needs to drop from one Angmarim! That, or they have the Adventurer’s Bottomless Pocket of Quest Items. You’ll see what I mean, when we go to find the ones still standing in Annúminas!
I’ve organised the info below both by the Plaque name and by the Enemy name. The first, really important thing is that you do not have to be at the literal location of the plaque name. It’s not like thieves remain at the scene of their crimes to admire their ill-gotten gains, is it?

Anyway, here are the three plaques you need to steal back for Markers of the Sunken City.

What Level are the Relevant Enemies?

As an encouragement, all of the enemies that drop the plaques are Normal strength, so are not off-limits if you’re going solo. So let’s see now which Enemy forces are relevant for the Markers of the Sunken City Deed. The first three are inside the City itself:


Bonus: Wardens of Annúminas Reputation Items

As well as clearing the Markers of the Sunken City Deed and progressing Angmarim-slayer, you can also improve your reputation with the Wardens of Annúminas. This is because the Angmarim within the City of Kings also drop the following reputation items:

  • Bands of Númenór Bands of Númenór: +700 Reputation
  • Black Badges Black Badge: +50 Reputation

Where are the Plaques in Annúminas?

The second half of the deed is much simpler. Just head to each location and use the elaborate “plaques”.

Plaques Location Map

Markers of the Sunken City Deed Rewards

It’s a fairly standard set of deed rewards once you’ve found all the Markers/Plaques:

  • LOTRO Points × 5
  • Marks × 30
  • Title Sage of the Sunken City
  • Reputation +500 (Wardens of Annúminas)

TL;DR Discover and Recover the Markers of the Sunken City

What better way to orientate yourself to the ruined city of Annúminas than with an exploration deed? Fight through hoards of Angmarim to reach the plaques and reclaim those stolen. While you’re at it, why not sway the balance for Control of Annúminas?

For more details and guidance, as always, feel free to check the Wiki. We’re a LOTRO Family after all, so we share the love!


  1. Deeding at Tham Ornan:
    Do be aware, however, that Tham Ornan is (I think) the only place except Annúminas that Angmarim are found in Evendim. This makes it ripe pickings for those players who are clearing slayer deeds. If someone’s already there running around and killing everything, come back for the Commanders! And if a player comes into the ruin and you’re doing the slayer deed, either offer to group up, or leave the ruin and come back. They will respawn, so be considerate, please. (↑ return)

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