Sunflower Dress
Sleeveless, Long-Sleeved, Short-Sleeved

There are three variations on the Sunflower Dress, but rather than have a page for each type, I've kept them all on this page. The beauty of this dress is in its simplicity. The material is plain - but as blue as the sky on a clear Summer's day. At the bottom, sunflowers "grow" upwards. but only to the knees or so.


Sleeveless Sunflower Dress

It seems I forgot to take all the shots of different races and body-shapes for the sleeveless variation, sorry. But having done the other two fully, you should get a feel for how your particular character may look.

Long-Sleeved Sunflower Dress

Short-Sleeved Sunflower Dress

Extra Info

  • Shoes Built-In: Yes (except Hobbits)
  • Hides Hand Slot: Yes (TBC)

Sunflower Dress Information

  • Festival/Event: Farmers Faire
  • Price: 35 × Farmers Faire Tokens Farmers Faire Tokens
  • Set Name: Sunflowers
  • Gear Slot: Upper Body
  • Category: Dress

Items in this Set

Sunflower Tunic and Trousers

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