Garments of Shire Holly
A Lovely Winter Tunic for Yuletide

LOTRO have did an outstanding job with the Yule Festival cosmetics for 2021. The Garments of Shire Holly are, in fact, a tunic but, if I'm honest, I'm glad to have variation in the wording! Appropriate for the cold season, this top has long sleeves and appears warm but not too thick. And, while holly leaves are naturally part of the design, they are tastefully placed and there's only a small number of them too.

With the deep red edging and a broad faux belt, the Garments of Shire Holly really do fit the Winter and Holiday season. And as a bonus for me - it has a high collar, which in LOTRO, I have a "thing" for.

Other Info

In-Built Shoes: No

Overwrites Gloves: Yes (TBC)

Does It Dye?

All part of this set dye very, very well. While I went for white, you can conceivably go for any colour. And it's the "correct" bit that dyes - the main material that is. The edging remains the same red, but the rest is up to you.

Garments of Shire Holly Information

  • Festival/Event: Yule Festival
  • Price: 35 × Yule Festival Token Yule Festival Tokens
  • Set Name: Shire Holly
  • Gear Slot: Upper Body
  • Category: Tunic

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