Mantle of Shire Holly
LOTRO Yule Festival Cosmetic

The attraction of the Mantle of Shire Holly attraction is its simplicity. The shoulder pads are fairly plain, except for a pale pattern around the edges. What I think I like best about the Mantle is that it wraps around the high collar of the Garments, rather than covering it up. So this shoulder cosmetic, adds extra warmth to those favouring the Gown, but does not interfere with the design of the tunic.

It's great when LOTRO build their outfits as a set, considering how to maximise the features of each piece. And it feels like they did just that with the Shire Holly set from the Yule Festival.

Does It Dye?

Pretty much all of it, in fact! While the shoulder pads do have the distinctive red edging that the other items in the set have, you can make the rest of the mantle any colour you wish. This is in the pure red dye (which actually hides the edging in this case):

Mantle of Shire Holly Information

  • Festival/Event: Yule Festival
  • Price: 35 × Yule Festival Token Yule Festival Tokens
  • Set Name: Shire Holly
  • Gear Slot: Shoulders
  • Category: Shoulder Pads

Items in this Set

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