The Arcturus Legacy – Star Wars FanFiction

Star Wars FanFiction: The Arcturus Legacy
Cor-Jhan Arcturus contemplating recent events on Ilum.
What follows is the storyline for Cor-Jhan Arcturus. I write Star Wars “FanFiction” when I am able to, around work and heavily dependent on how my Fibromyalgia pain levels are.

SWTOR: The Arcturus Legacy

In the game of SWTOR, Cor-Jhan Arcturus is a Jedi Shadow, brandishing an orange double-bladed Lightsaber. I am a tank class, meaning I have tried to learn how to shield myself and others from damage.

Cor-Jhan Arcturus was developed a long time ago on a browser-based game developed by one of my friends. Since then I have meant to get back into writing FanFiction, and so it was with this character that I started my writing.

The Arcturus Legacy – Storyline

Chapter 1 – Devoted to Destruction

Chapter 2 – The Tythonian Trials