Defender of the Free – SWTOR Jedi Shadow Outfit

Defender of the Free - SWTOR Jedi Shadow OutfitThe Jedi are often sent to the front line in the fight against the Empire. Jedi Shadows sneak behind enemy lines to do as much damage as possible. But does the Republic consider what happens once the Jedi is no longer stealthed? Defender of the Free is a Jedi Shadow outfit for SWTOR which addresses this concern. Sporting a heavy plate armour look while retaining a cloak for your Jedi-ness, it balances defence against the need for a sustained attack. Shadow Jedi should drive for balance and I think this outfit achieves that. Enjoy!

Defender of the Free in Action

Excluding the ‘Kick’ knock-down that Jedi Shadows have, the cape mostly behave itself! Here’s a range of combat abilities to give you an idea how it works while being in combat.

Components of this Outfit

Here is a mini gallery of the individual pieces of this SWTOR outfit. I needed to go for something plate-looking for the legs that fit the chestpiece. This wasn’t easy, especially with my current Collections unlocks. But I got there in the end! Only the top of the leggings shows as the boots come up pretty high. So you may choose to swap the trousers out.

Making this Jedi Shadow Outfit

This heavy armour-like appearance is made up of various SWTOR armour sets. However, the Scion’s Gloves can be acquired on Odessen and the Dye is craftable if you have an Artificer.

  • Head: Zakuulan Security’s Headband
  • Chest Piece: Conquered Exarch’s Medidation Robe (includes cloak)
    • Dye: White and Light Brown Dye Module (Craftable by Artificers, or buy from GTN)
  • Gloves: Scion’s Gloves
    → Odessen Base: Gwhirre Nekor in Underworld Logistics – 40,000 Credits
  • Wrists: Any, as the gloves hide this slot. Or save credits by not slotting anything here.
  • Waist: Gifted Shadow’s Belt
  • Legs: Mandalore the Preserver Leg Plates
  • Boots: Zakuulan Inquisitor’s Boots
  • Weapon: Cathar Warstaff, Crystal: Advanced Orange-Yellow Indestructible Crystal

Alternatives with Similar Skin

As I notice them, I’ll try to give alternative items with the same, or similar appearance (aka “Skin”).

  • Alternative to Conquered Exarch’s Meditation Robe: Exile’s Shirt (this can drop as loot from fallen enemies on Ossus)

Exile's Shirt from Ossus is an alternative to Conquered Exarch's Meditation Robe in SWTOR

More SWTOR Outfits

This is only my third, but yes there are more SWTOR Outfits in the works, so keep an eye here and on Twitter! And if you want to contribute a cosmetic look for Star Wars: The Old Republic, let me know and I’ll see how I can feature you.

All my content will always be freely available. However, if you'd like to support myself and my family, please consider buying us a virtual coffee. Either way, thank you for visiting, I appreciate it!

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Very cool option to go heavier on the armor, and a tanking Shadow in particular can use that! I’ve always tried to give Shaya an armored look without going heavy, but you went heavier and made it look awesome at the same time! =)