A Week in LOTRO Avoiding Combat (Mostly)

A Week in LOTRO Avoiding Combat (Mostly)After a huge energy crash a week ago, I said I was resting from Social Media and blogging. And, shockingly, I did, too. Some days my Fibromyalgia symptoms meant I didn’t even feel up to gaming, much less actual combat. So, the game I usually choose on such days is The Lord of the Rings Online. How did I spend my week in LOTRO avoiding combat?

Finding Floid and Dewitt

Floid and Dewitt are an adventurer and his horse you can find in LOTRO up to the end of Rohan. They are mostly in hard-to-reach or, at least, out-the-way locations. Needless to say, I relied on the Wiki and YouTube to complete this! There are two deeds for finding them and grant the titles: The Wanderer and The Vagabond.

Being L105 on my main, I was able to complete both parts of the Adventures of Floid and Dewitt without any combat. They are the epitome of my #StopAndStare philosophy of gaming. It was a great way to spend some of my week in LOTRO.

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Preparing for Rohan Housing

Rohan housing is coming soon! I didn’t managed to get on Bullroarer when the preview(s) were shown, but I think I prefer waiting for the finished product. However, I did hear rumblings there might be a LOT of hooks when LOTRO release Rohan homesteads. Although I have Rohan-ified my Bree-land homestead, I knew I didn’t have enough decorations to fill a larger house. I was also lacking in Hytbold tokens. So during my week in LOTRO, I fixed that:

Although I finished the Rebuilding of Hytbold some time ago, I hadn’t quite finished all the deeds. And those granted extra tokens, hurrah. So now I can afford over 30 more Rohan-style decorations.

A few of the quests did need combat, but with my level and gearing, it wasn’t taxing.

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Finishing the Ballad of Bingo Boffin

The Ballad of Bingo Boffin is a totally separate story in LOTRO that you can run alongside the Epic, if you want to. It traces the Hobbit Bingo as he sets out on a journey across Middle-Earth. He is almost my favourite character in LOTRO because of how much he grows as a person through his travels. Well, I finally followed him to Rohan and then back home to Michel Delving, where it all began. Though it was sad to see him say goodbye to Willem Whisker.

I’ll end up doing a separate post on this but huge Kudos to the LOTRO team for this very well-written questline. You literally can laugh, cry, depair, fret and be shocked at his straightforward, healthy philosophy. If you haven’t picked this up yet, head to Michel Delving. You will not be disappointed.

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Role-Playing with NPCs

I didn’t feel up to doing any Duoquesting in LOTRO last week, because I was so dog tired. But that doesn’t mean I can’t role-play. I often do this, actually, especially if I’m over-levelled, because the enemies don’t attack you.

So this time, Glinmaethor tried to talk some sense into the mindless Half-Orc drones of Rohan. It didn’t work, naturally. Oh and, no, she didn’t kill this one after talking to him. She has morals.

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Clearing Deeds

One of the things I’ve been doing in LOTRO recently is clearing deeds before I start Gondor. Yes, yes, slayer deeds require combat. But I didn’t attack anything if I didn’t feel up to it as I was always 9 levels over. And I’ve almost cleared all deeds in the last region of West Rohan. If I hadn’t discovered the Survivors of Wildermore reputation faction you can only progress at 2500 reputation a day, I’d be ecstatic! Anyway, she was able to put her bow-training from Caethir into practice again:

TL;DR Why Not Enjoy a Week in LOTRO Without Combat?

Okay, if you’re a newer player to LOTRO this isn’t likely outside of festival season. But with exploration deeds and tons of gorgeous scenery, there’s no reason not to just wander LOTRO’s rendering of Middle-Earth. Why not make it a goal this year to have a week in LOTRO to yourself without fighting anything?

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