LOTRO Lantern
Farmers Faire Held Item Cosmetic

When the street lights have yet to be lit, or going into places where darkness is encouraged, use the Lantern to light your way! You might need it to find where the groups of "overheating" patrons are at 1am (Middle-Earth time).

The Lantern is a very pretty cosmetic, actually. The glass is engraved with ears of corn and quarter-suns - details you could easily miss when the item is just in your character's hand. Always take time to look at the detail in the object design in LOTRO.

This is a held item, so kind of doubles up as a cosmetic weapon. When you forget your fire oils, just smash this over the nearest Orc's head. This may break your warranty. But it should break the Orc. I know which would be my priority...

LOTRO Lantern Information

  • Festival/Event: Farmers Faire
  • Price: 35 × Farmers Faire Tokens Farmers Faire Tokens
  • Gear Slot: Held
  • Category: Held

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