Gilded Ceremonial Pauldrons
A LOTRO Anniversary Event Cosmetic

In case you ever wondered how comfortable Caethir was in plate armour, just look at his expression! Anyway, personal quirks aside, the Gilded Ceremonial Pauldrons are huge, yet they seem to just about not feel overdone. Just.

The two-tone silver and gold metals are bend in a quarter circle over the shoulders and leave a gap before the neck. This is important if you happen to also have the Flourished Ceremonial Helm on (page coming soon). As with the others in this Ceremonial set, the silver coloured plate is shiny and plain. The burnt-gold coloured areas are engraved with an intricate, swirling pattern.

This is definitely one of those "make yourself look big in battle" pieces, though!

Gilded Ceremonial Pauldrons Information

  • Festival/Event: Anniversary Event
  • Price: 10 × Anniversary Tokens Anniversary Tokens
  • Set Name: Ceremonial Set
  • Gear Slot: Shoulders
  • Category: Pauldrons

Items in this Set

Engraved Ceremonial Breastplate

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Flourished Ceremonial Helm

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Gilded Ceremonial Pauldrons

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