Long-sleeved Exquisite Dress
and the Short-Sleeved Version

The "Exquisite Dresses" come in two variations: the Short-sleeved and Long-sleeved Exquisite Dress. It has ruffled shoulder coverings and various ornate patterns all the way down. The lower body section has patterns vaguely akin to other cosmetics outfits bearing the "Dwarven" name, but not quite fancy enough to be "Elven"!

How Well Does it Dye?

At first glance, this outfit does not seem like much. But once you dye it, the appearance is drastically improved. One of my earliest screenshots of my Guardian main (from 2017!) is wearing this dress just after an Anniversary Event. I hope you're ready for a blast from the pre-avatar-upgrade past!

Mount: Steed of the Moon Moth

Also Wearing: Fine Elven Circlet

Long-sleeved Exquisite Dress Information

Exquisite Short-sleeved Dress

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