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FFXIV Spruce Log - Where to Farm Spruce Logs in FF14

Within Final Fantasy XIV‘s crafting system are special materials that are not always available for harvesting or gathering. There are many of them, in fact. But one of the first special Botanist resources you’ll come across is Spruce Logs. While they’re not difficult to find, you will need to be intentional to locate them. So let’s have a look at how and when you can locate them, then how you could try and farm Spruce Logs.

How’s Your Botanist Skill?

The first thing to check is whether your Botanist gear is good enough. To be able to perceive a resource is determined by your…Perception Rating! How annoyingly logical!

The pre-requisite Perception Rating for these Unspoiled Mature Trees is 173.

Activate Truth of Forests

Spruce Logs come from Level 50 Unspoiled Mature Trees. Unspoiled nodes are only around at specific times and once you’ve finished gathering there, it disappears until next time.

When Can Spruce Logs Be Found?

Set an Alarm (or Two)

Hanging around waiting for a tree to let you chop it is no fun, is it? To avoid that, we simply set ourselves an alarm to tell us when it spawns.

Where are Spruce Logs in FFXIV?

Great, but where do you go?

Gathering Spruce Logs

Unspoiled nodes behave differently to normal ones. If you begin gathering – even just clicking it without taking any resources, you cannot unselect it. If you do, the Unspoiled Node (and your precious Spruce Logs) will disappear until the next 9am Eorzea Time rocks up.

Pre-Gathering Checklist

Before you start gathering, take a few seconds to check a few things.

  • Are you equipped with the best gear you have in your Armoury? If you have materia hanging around, add it in.
  • Do you have any gathering food that could help with yield (Perception, especially)?
  • If you are in a Free Company, do they have any gathering buffs to help you?
  • Has your GP bar completely refilled?

Botanist Quest

Being able to harvest Spruce Logs is actually required for the Level 50 Botanist quest Seeds of HopeExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab). So either this guide will be your practice for the quest, or you’ll need to find it after the quest once you’ve forgotten you did it!

Recipes for Spruce Lumber

Spruce has a lot of different uses, with a large part being in the crafting of housing decorations. But the list includes weapons, crafting tools and glamours too. So, here are a couple of links to help you:

As there are so many uses for this type of wood, there’s no wonder that this Level 50 Botanist resource is still in high demand.

TL;DR Get out in the Cold and Harvest Spruce Logs

Whether you want them for crafting, or to make Gil gil from them on the Market Board, Spruce Logs are still a resource in demand. But now you know where and when to find them. If you’re interested, please check out my FFXIV Guides. Whether you do or not, just remember to enjoy the journey and don’t just think of the destination. Have fun in Eorzea, friends.

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