FFXIV Little Ladies Day 2022

FFXIV Little Ladies Day 2022 Event Guide

Little Ladies Day was actually the first FFXIV event I ever attended. In previous years we’ve followed the story of one particular lass, but in 2022 it’s a totally new thing. This year you follow the story of Marabel who wants to be a high-end fashion designer but needs models for the walk-off. And what more could a Warrior of Light wish to do than model someone else’s designs?! Let’s dig a little into Little Ladies Day 2022 but hopefully without spoiling much of the story for you!

This Year’s Story

I promised no spoilers so I’m not going to write down the whole thing for you. It takes maybe half an hour in total to run it, if you don’t rush the cutscenes. And if you are rushing – why? Anyway, the upshot is that Marabel is trying hard to become known as a fashion designer (in accessories, for those of you who know about these things). She has heard there is a “Walk-Off” this year where designers and their models compete – being judged by a panel of experts (naturally including the “Masked Rose”).

Catching the Theme

The only condition for entry into the competition this year is that the design should be “inspired by the holiday”.

She has all the materials already (what, you don’t have to rush around Ul’dah to fetch them?) but does need a few things: namely, an idea of what Little Ladies Day means to the people and someone to model her creations.

Who to Ask about Little Ladies Day

As much as I’d love to post their responses, I’ll restrain myself and just show you who you need to speak to. Click/tap to open larger versions of the screenshots.

Seneschal or Princess?

Finally you get to perform your walk-off and go face the panel of judges. Get posing, strut your stuff and all that… dahling!

Little Ladies’ Day Main Quest Rewards

A Stylish Transformation (Repeatable Quest)

As with a few FFXIV events, there is also a repeatable quest. In it you get to convince well-known figures in Ul’dahn society to wear one of Marabel’s Little Ladies Day creations. That, of course, is extra advertising. There are some fab micro-interactions within this, so it’s worth doing all options on at least one character.

Doing the Makeover Thing, Dahling!

Here are just a couple of highlights:

Repeatable Quest Rewards

Other Resources

TL;DR Little Ladies Day 2022 Roundup

This year FFXIV brought another lovely little story to Little Ladies’ Day. Having the background of the Lopporits’ attempts at “fashion” I was somewhat nervous for my Miqo’te, but I was glad it ended somewhat better than that! Helping an up-and-comer negotiate the stressful life of a fashion designer was a nice take on the “cat walk” (no offence Miqo’tes) too. While I highly doubt I’ll use the crown glamour, I always like to take part in these events for the story. I’m also glad to finally be creating FFXIV content, even if it’s just one or two pieces a month. So take a small chunk of your time questing and hop into Little Ladies Day 2022 and I’ll see yous soon.

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