U'ghamaro Golem Location in FFXIV
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FFXIV U'ghamaro Golem, or Ughamaro Golem if you're typing quickly!

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Ughamaro GolemUgamaro Golem

You know, sometimes enemy names are really inventive and then like the U'ghamaro Golem, they're really...not. You'll find this particular hunk of semi-autonomous rock in the North-Eastern corner of U'ghamaro Mines.

As I said with the Shoaltooth Sahagin, I've given you a map here, but you may not find Golems at all the locations at the same time. It depends if other players have ventured there minutes before you.


Stick to one room and wait for the golems to respawn (it isn't long). That way, you leave a room of Golems for another player to get.

U'ghamaro Golem Location Map

Location Info

  • Region/Area:
    Outer La Noscea: U'ghamaro Mines
  • Nearest Aetheryte:
    Outer La Noscea: Camp Overlook

Getting There

By definition, if you're working on A Relic Reborn, then you will have completed A Realm Reborn. That means you can fly in the mines. It's visually disorienting to me and not exactly what you should be able to do. But if you're L50-58, flying is the quickest way to the Golems.

Tribal Quest Involvement

U'ghamaro Golems are part of the Kobold daily tribal quest Repeatable Quest Ba Go's BehestExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab).

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