Cookies and Privacy

FibroJedi Cookie and Privacy PolicyThe recent regulatory changes surrounding data protection and privacy mean I have to re-draft this privacy policy page. But it involves a lot of thinking and I need to get my pain in check a bit more before I try to do the whole thing again.

The TL;DR is this: Aside from anonymous visitor data, no other stuff is collected from you unless you opt-in to do so – e.g. via comments or by emailing me. Please just ask if you want me to find and remove your information permanently and I’ll do that.

I’ll update this page when I am able to.

Personal Data

No personal data is handled by this site at all, unless you join in the conversations by using the comments. As this site is driven by WordPress, I can see the following:

  • Your E-mail Address
  • Your IP Address
  • Your browser’s “User Agent String” – i.e. the stupidly-long name your browser calls itself.

These are stored on a server, provided by a trusted, established company. These servers have strong password protection and other security measures designed to keep these details safe.

Google Analytics Cookies

In order to understand my visitors, how you interact with the site is recorded anonymously and cannot be linked to your details mentioned above. This helps me to see which kinds of content are most popular so I can continue to write stuff you actually want!

If you come through a Google/Bing search and are using HTTPS, I don’t know the keyword you use before landing on my site as this is encrypted and not transmitted by these search engines.

Google AdSense Cookies

In order to try and cover some of my costs as well as help my income a tiny bit (my capacity for earning limited by Fibromyalgia) there is an ad in the sidebar and at other various points in content. You can block these cookies to prevent ads showing. I think I currently manage about $10/month. So trust me when I say I’m not getting rich by these ads. But every dollar really helps me.

If you click these ads, I may, at Google’s discretion gain a few cents for your click.

Your use of this site is not limited in any way if you block these ads.

EU Cookie Law Compliance

When you first come across the site, you will be informed that cookies may be placed for the above purposes. I am following the EU’s method called ‘Implied Consent’. This means by continuing to read this blog or participate in discussions, you’re happy for me to use these cookies. By using implied consent, my web stats are more accurate, allowing me to know what content is most frequently read so I can produce more of that kind of stuff!

Comments System

I discovered that the old comments system was not honouring any opt-out requests. I have therefore changed my comment system. I will have to see how it works out in term of SPAM protection but in terms of protecting your privacy, this set-up is much better as it stores precisely zero cookies.

If You Email Me

If you send me email, these are not stored on a local machine – nor are these copied to external hardware or printed out. I take advantage of’s email servers to keep email in ‘the cloud’, on Microsoft’s servers, protected by their firewalls, spam filters and my own email and password combination. My login email address is not the one listed below, which adds an extra layer of protection.

Want Your Data Deleted?

If you have communicated with me either using the comments, or by email, then please contact me at the address below. And I will remove all known communications from you. I will need the name you used when commenting for me to find all your comments so I can remove them.

Once you are satisfied I have remove anything you ask for, I will then permanently delete the email requesting the removal.


If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail [email protected].