Short-Sleeved Elven Tunic and Trousers
Steel Tokens Cosmetics

Some of the cosmetics available for Steel Tokens Steel Tokens during the Anniversary Event are, let's say, a bit underwhelming. It's just that many of them are really, really old now. However, the Short-Sleeved Elven Tunic and Trousers cosmetic is one of the nicest available, in my humble opinion.

It is loose-fitting even on female body shapes and its default colours of teal, pale grey and purple actually work really well.


Having said the cosmetic is lovely, if you're not a Hobbit, you are forced into having shoes. Hobbits are also forced not to have shoes. However, having designed the rest of the tunic really well, the stuff on your feet should just be ignored, to be honest! Have a look at a male Elf on the WikiExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab). Not just a random male Elf, but one wearing the Short-Sleeved Elven Tunic and Trousers - my brain is being weird today.

Short-Sleeved Elven Tunic and Trousers Information

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