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FFXIV Zanr'ak Pugilist | FF14 Book of Skyfire 1 Enemy

Common Misspellings/Typos

Zanrak PugilistZan'rak Pugilist

In the mess-of-naming-conventions that is Southern Thanalan, you will find the Zanr'ak Pugilist. Well, I found five of them - and if you're doing the Book of Skyfire 1 for your relic weapon, then you only need three.

Watch Out for Similar Names

Despite the presence of enemies that may start with Amalj'aa, Zahar'ak and Zanr'ak, at least yours has the nice little symbol over its head. Turning nameplates on is a good idea, especially if you're scouting from the air. Then you'll see which are Amalj'aa Pugilists and which are the ones you really need!

Finding Zanr'ak Pugilists

Normally I would give like your "starting coordinates" for enemies that are spread out. In this case X:24.5, Y:26.1 refers to the Zanr'ak AltarExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab), where there should be two Pugilists for you. This is really out East.

You could then make your way West to pick up the other, more isolated ones.

Zanr'ak Pugilist Location Map

Location Info

  • Approximate Coordinates:
    X:24.5, Y:26.1
  • Region/Area:
    Southern Thanalan: Zanr'ak
  • Nearest Aetheryte:
    Southern Thanalan: Little Ala Mhigo

FFXIV Fate Boss (Not) Involved in FATE

Just something to bear in mind is that the FATE Return to CinderExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) takes place at the Zanr'ak Altar.

While the Zanr'ak Pugilists themselves are not involved, anyone doing this fate will almost certainly draw them in. If someone else is doing that FATE, your best bet is to join it, and make sure you at least tag your targets.

Alternatively, go and just get the spread out ones instead.

Other Hunting Log Targets in the Area

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