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FFXIV Zahar'ak Pugilist - GC Hunting Log Target

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Zaharak Pugilist

In case it was not painfully obvious, the Zahar'ak Pugilist is a Zahar'ak! I can hear your gasp of astonishment from here. Or it's just the voices. Ignore me.

As is generally the case in this area, you're up against Amalj'aa of different classes. Unless you immediately follow another player through here, Zahar'ak is a gauntlet. Zahar'ak Battle Drakes and fire-attuned, auto-firing towers will also impede your progress.

Slay Amalj'aa Responsibly

As with other Primal-centric areas, you can expect other players to be passing through here. It's also a prime location for the Tribal quests from the Ring of AshExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab).

So don't fight other players for your Order of the Twin Adder Hunting Log (or Relic Book) entries. There's plenty more lizards in the desert.

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Zahar'ak Pugilist Location Map

Location Info

  • Approximate Coordinates:
    X:23.8, Y:21.6
  • Region/Area:
    Southern Thanalan: Zahar'ak
  • Nearest Aetheryte:
    Southern Thanalan: Little Ala Mhigo

Where are the Zahar'ak Pugilists Exactly?

You only require three of them, and there are more than that available. But instead of sending you off to Zahar'ak with well-wishes, I figured a map of their exact locations would be more useful! Hopefully.

I found the first Zahar'ak Pugilist around X:23.8, Y:21.6. From there, head East. Because that's your only route from that point!

FFXIV Fate Involved in FATE

Relic Book

  • Book of Skyearth I

Other Hunting Log Targets in the Area

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