Brounger Location in FFXIV
From the FATE: Make It Rain

Brounger - the boss of the FATE Make It Rain

Defeating Brounger, the enormous Plasmoid, is the objective of the FATE FFXIV Fate Boss Make It Rain.

Not the Event You Were Looking For

This has precisely nothing to do with Make It Rain Campaign, one of the FFXIV Events.

FATE Rewards

  • EXP 11,000
  • Gil 82 (I think we need to discuss the rate of pay for the danger incurred!)
  • Grand Company Seals 235

Rewards for the FATE Make It Rain.

Find the Make It Rain FATE

When it's currently active, Make It Rain is really obvious. If you pull up the map for Outer La Noscea and scroll East, can see it South of the Kobold Dig. The blue circle is far bigger than the land it can plausibly use!

Quick Tip when Fighting Brounger

The other plasmoids near to Brounger are non-aggressive. Be sure to only use single-target combat skills to avoid adding enemies to your FATE.

Brounger Location Map

Location Info

  • Approximate Coordinates:
    X:25, Y:18.2
  • Region/Area:
    Outer La Noscea: Iron Lake
  • Nearest Aetheryte:
    Outer La Noscea: Camp Overlook

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