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FFXIV Book of Netherfire I Relic Book Guide | FF14 Netherfire 1FFXIV Book of Netherfire I

ur journey through the books for A Relic Reborn continues with The Book of Netherfire I. And, I figured, I'd just answer this in the intro - no there is no second volume. For some reason it still has...
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FFXIV Book of Skyfire 2 | Relic Weapon Book of Skyfire II | Guide to all enemies, Leves, FATEs and DungeonsFFXIV Book of Skyfire 2

oday we're going to continue our look at the A Relic Reborn series, with The Book of Skyfire 2 in our sights. You have another gaggle of enemies to defeat and a couple of particularly challenging d...
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FFXIV Book of Skyfire 1 - Relic Book Guide - all the enemies, FATEs, Leves and Dungeon Targets.Nail Your Book of Skyfire 1

he Book of Skyfire 1 is one of the so-called Relic Books in Final Fantasy 14. It's called that as it is an actual book containing enemies you need to take down to improve the relic weapon you work on...
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