Steed of the Silent Hunter
Myrtle Mint - Figments of Splendour

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Mount Description

The Steed of the Silent Hunter was introduced to Myrtle Mint's stock in 2024. And it is very fancy!

The Horse/Pony Itself

The steed is mostly a pale grey colour with a pure white mane and tail. However, its mane hangs down perfectly, giving it a well-groomed look.

And, as with a few mounts recently, the lower half of its legs are either very dark grey or black. This effect is sadly not available for War-Steeds.

The Mount Cosmetics

There are two prominant features, that are also reflected in the player cosmetics:

Solid Animal Head

The 'mask' of the Silent Hunter Steed.

If you see the solid metal head more as a "mask" then it makes more sense. I had to resist thinking of it swallowing the horse's head! This is held on with a chain of sorts along with the leaathery ring under the eyes.

This creature appears to be a great cat of sorts, which is reinforced with the other imagery on the barding.

Patterned Material

Is it peachy? Salmon-Orange? I'm not sure! But the repeated pattern is the same as the Tunic of the Silent Hunter. And most of it is edged in a shiny, gold-like material.

There are various gold patterns in corners and just inside the edging too. Possibly slightly too many for me - but I prefer less detail. It's just my preference though!

The patterned material on the barding also features a cat symbol and pattern.

Other Features of the Steed of the Silent Hunter

The saddle looks padded and pretty comfortable and you have bonus cosmetic baggage for whatever silent hunt you're off doing. In bright orangy clothing.

The saddle and gear of the silent hunter steed (normal mount here, not war-steed.

Extra Details

  • Festival/Event: Myrtle Mint
  • Species: Horse/Pony
  • Year Introduced: 2024
  • Price: Figments of Splendor × 5000 Figments of Splendour (See Figments of Splendour)

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