Hooded Mantle of Winter Drifts (and Helmed Mantle)
LOTRO Yule Festival Cosmetic

Sometimes there is enough of a difference between similar LOTRO Festival Cosmetics to warrant writing separate entries. Other times, there really isn't, and this is one of those times! This ones comes in two variations.

The first is the Hooded Mantle of Winter Drifts - pictured to the left (or above, on smaller screens).

Helmed Mantle of Winter Drifts

The second is the Helmed Mantle of Winter Drifts - which is also hooded.

I guess if you were on patrol in the Misty Mountains you might need a helmet and hood. I actually prefer the colours of the Helmed variety, though.

Is there an Unhooded/Hoodless Mantle of Winter Drifts?

Yes, kinda. There is a hoodless one available for 295LOTRO Points, per the WikiExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab)

Hooded Mantle of Winter Drifts (and Helmed Mantle) Information

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