Harvest-Brew Cloak
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I hope you're ready for a whole bunch of cosmetics with the same name (See Others in this Set*)! Let's start with the Harvest-Brew Coak, then. How better to celebrate than with ale? And if you can't have ale, then you can at least have the motif depicting it! Jokes aside, this cloak is actually really good considering, per the WikiExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) says it's been around since 2011!

Harvest-brew Cloak Description

It's based on a "dirty white", which rather than making it look worse, gives it a "heavy", quality texture. As well as the obvious toasting tankards set against some white ears of corn, there are other patterns. Between your shoulderblades are golden leaves edged in green and the point at the bottom has a heart-shaped Pretzel. Apart from the horizontal borders, there are three broad, green tassles featuring golden swirls. So all this sounds busy, but it's not. It's a design that works, even eleven years later.

* 11th October: I am right now adding all the items in. I'll remove this once they're done.

Harvest-Brew Cloak Information

  • Festival/Event: Fall Festival
  • Price: 18 × Fall Festival Tokens Fall Festival Tokens
  • Set Name: Harvest-Brew
  • Gear Slot: Back
  • Category: Cloak

Harvest-brew Hooded Cloak

Items in this Set

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