Brisk Yule Cloak
LOTRO Yule Festival Cosmetic

Any item of clothing that is symmetrical is a winner in my book. The Brisk Yule Cloak does not disappoint on that score - or any score for that matter! Apart from a slight zig-zag of fur and a centralised snowflake, the rest of the cloak is minimalist.

I'm not sure what the white swirls were supposed to represent. Perhaps snow being blown by the wind. Or maybe the wind itself during a brisk walk.

Either way, I rather like this cloak and may pick one up this year if I've misplaced my original version!

Is there a Hooded Brisk Yule Cloak?

Nope. Sorry, if hoods are your thing. Maybe look for a head covering of some sort in my Yule Cosmetics library.

Brisk Yule Cloak Information

  • Festival/Event: Yule Festival
  • Price: 15 × Yule Festival Token Yule Festival Tokens
  • Gear Slot: Back
  • Category: Cloak

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