Shelfscale Reaver Location in FFXIV
Book of Skyfire 2 Enemy

FFXIV Shelfscale Reaver | FF14 Book of Skyfire 2 Enemy Target

The Shelfscale Reaver is a male Roegadyn pirate among a fair few others that appear to be using the Serpent's Tongue as a base. You'll know which one is your target by the symbol over their heads, but perhaps more obviously, by the scimatar sword hung on his hip.

There are targets from other logs here too, e.g. Shelfclaw Reavers and Shelfeye Reavers.

FFXIV Fate Involved in FATE

This location is where the FATE Watch Your TongueExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) takes place. It is almost constantly active as well. But, to be clear, Reavers in and out of the FATE count for your Book of Skyfire II.

Shelfscale Reaver Location Map

Location Info

  • Approximate Coordinates:
    X:13.0, Y:17.0
  • Region/Area:
    Western La Noscea: The Serpent's Tongue
  • Nearest Aetheryte:
    Western La Noscea: Aleport


If you're over the FATE level sync maximum, you will almost certainly have to join the FATE to take the gladiator-style Reavers down.

I did managed to aggro a couple of them away from the groups, but chances are high that you'll have to fight the other pirates here.

To be honest, just do the FATE. You get a quest-item as a reward which you can hand in at Novv's Nursery when the related Tribal quest is active for you.

Tip: Check the Beast Tribe Quests

Shelfscale Reavers are also targeted in a couple of the quests for the Sahagin. You may need items from the Sahagin vendor in the future, such as the Unidentifiable Shell, or even ventures.

So you should swing by Novv's Nursery and see if either of the following quests are currently active:

  • Reaving in a Hurry
  • Unfair Trading

That way you can tick items from a Relic book and earn some tribal currency in the process! Here's the list of rewards availableExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) at the Sahagin Tribe.

Other Hunting Log Targets in the Area

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