Gigas Bonze Location in FFXIV
Book of Netherfire 1 Enemy

FFXIV Gigas Bonze - Book of Netherfire Enemy Target

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Gigas Bronze

The Gigas Bonze is one of a few of their tribe that roam Mor Dhona. This one wields only a sword - as the Gigas Bikkhu carry shields.

If you are trying to clear the Book of Netherfire I, then there are three Bonzes dotted around Northern Silvertear. However, the FATE FFXIV Fate Among GiantsExternal Link (Opens in New Window/Tab) seems to run pretty often. It has a few Gigas types but this one is definitely... uhm, among them.

Gigas Bonze Location Map

Location Info

  • Region/Area:
    Mor Dhona: Northern Silvertear
  • Nearest Aetheryte:
    Mor Dhona: Revenants Toll

Clearing the Gigas Bonze During the FATE

If you're not the only player taking part in the FATE, then keep your eyes peeled down the road eastwards. That's where new Giants spawn once the current group has been defeated.

Make sure you get damage on at least three to give yourself a chance of ticking this off during the FATE.

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