Pack of the Anórien Autumn
LOTRO Fall Festival Cosmetic

Since I started playing Guardian in LOTRO, I've wanted to be able to carry my shield on my back. Sadly, this is still not a reality, despite Guardians doing exactly that while using a ranged weapon! But the Pack of the Anórien Autumn from Harvestmath Festival at least makes it look like you're carrying one this way.

There is a backpack between you and the shield as well, which makes it look really bulky. But you can't fault the shield's design. In a striking crimson red, tree iconography and that battle-worn texture, it really does look the part.

Now I need to petition LOTRO for carrying actual shields on my back, when they're not in use!

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Pack of the Anórien Autumn Information

  • Festival/Event: Fall Festival
  • Price: 18 × Fall Festival Tokens Fall Festival Tokens
  • Gear Slot: Back
  • Category: Backpack

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